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World Wide Sovereignty Portal: Call to Action

By: Archeia Aurora

We are approaching the World Wide Sovereignty Portal that will begin on March 21st through March 23rd. This Portal, if harnessed by Humanity, will anchor in the frequency of sovereignty and thus sever the chains of enslavement, co-dependency, manipulation, fear, + separation. We are calling on all of Humanity to participate and declare their sovereignty during this Portal. This is a potent window that we may harness for liberation, freedom, truth, abundance + love.

First, let us look at the divine energies of liberation that the Cosmos are bringing us during this portal. March 21st heralds the Spring Equinox, which every year is a potent window of new beginnings, rebirth, + the unfoldment of a new path and journey. We can imagine that between the Fall Equinox (Sept 21) and the Spring Equinox (March 21), we have essentially been inside a cosmic egg, an incubation period. Around that time I had received a message that Mother Earth was entering her Cosmic Egg which was assisting in the gestation and rebirth of both Mother Earth + Humanity. I am seeing Humanity inside of a golden egg which is prepared to hatch on the Spring Equinox, as we are rebirthed into a completely new timeline and new reality….for those who can see it.

This also marks the beginning of Aries season, the first zodiac sign. For astrologers, we treat this sacred Equinox as the true New Years and beginning of a new cycle, since Aries represents the beginning of the cosmic wheel. It is no wonder we have had Chiron, the wounded healer, transiting through Aries since 2018, healing our wounds around this new beginning, claiming our sovereignty, + taking our power back. Jupiter, the great expander, has been transiting Aries on and off since June of 2022, expanding our embodiment of the divine warrior Aries archetype (courage, bravery, passion). This has also been preparing us for the shift of the North Node of Destiny to move into Aries on 7/17, for a 2 year cycle. Collectively, we will all be called to embody the divine warrior and to establish our Sovereign Galactic Society here on Earth.

Second, on this potent Equinox we ALSO have a New Moon in Aries at 0 degrees. This makes the energies of rebirth, new beginnings, + sovereignty 100x as potent. New Moons always represent a new cycle, something fresh is now coming to life and ready to be created into form, or a new experience is ready to be embraced. In every zodiac sign, or archetype, there are 30 degrees of expression. Therefore, 0 degrees Aries is THE beginning of the entire cosmic wheel, the seed of Creation itself. I cannot express how important this date is. Humanity is being called to place their intentions of sovereignty, freedom, + to declare the END of enslavement which is represented by the previous Age of Pisces. Coupled with Saturn’s recent entry into Pisces, he is quite literally there to end the cycle of illusion and deception. This Sovereignty Portal will then carry on until April 20th, as we end Aries Season with a bang with a SECOND New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Aries, the mastery number.

I would like to share an excerpt from the Book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny by Ellias Lonsdale on the energy of 0 Degrees Aries:

“He sticks to the task. He stays in there here and now. He doesn’t want to know anything about the past or anything about all the complex connections you can make between one thing and another. He is intent on freeing himself from the mind in order to become an effective agent of change. He has this notion and he is right on it. His notion is that somebody around here should do what’s needed, should get down to it and shut up. He has heard enough to last forcer. All he can believe is now is what works, what advances things, what moves the energy somewhere interesting. When you’re this intent on one thing only, you get it straight. And he loves the sensation of getting it right, of being on.”

This New Moon is meant to be direct, cutting through all the past bullshit and complexities that our minds have weaved about disclosure, the ascension, and the truth. Now we must cut straight to the point: Humanity must free themselves. We must COMMAND, DECREE, + BE sovereign beings. We no longer care what has happened in the past, we no longer are focused on the webs of lies and who is playing what role. NO. We are moving forward with what works, what is real, what is true, and what is authentic. We are creating the New Earth.

Third, on the following day, March 22nd, we have a once in a lifetime event that is being coined the “Heaven’s Cross.” This cosmic configuration was channeled by a fellow astrologer who was downloaded with some profound insights from St. Germaine, as well as information deriving from Adamus. The following are excerpt’s from Crimson Circle who is hosting + channeling the energy of this Heaven’s Cross Event: “Heaven’s Cross (or Heavens Cross) occurs when the level of consciousness on the planet reaches a point where the barriers that have separated the physical realms from the non-physical realms begin to open. For humans that are aware and ready, this means easier access to their divinity. It creates a tangible energy flow between the human facet and the soul. The term “heavens cross” means that the heaven (or dimension) of the physical universe begins to intersect and interact with the other realms.

During the extraordinary Dream of the Merlin event, Beloved St. Germain announced the imminent opening of Heaven’s Cross, a welcome crack in the tight encasement around Earth and human consciousness. This planet has always been isolated from the other realms, causing humans to forget why they are here and blocking the natural flow of divine energies and communication with the soul. This disconnection results in a profound sense of hopelessness, which then causes mental imbalance, depression, addictions, and disease. Now, the opening of Heaven’s Cross, a literal physics event that changes the electromagnetics of Earth, brings access to the other realms, Christ Consciousness, sovereignty, and grace.

This first installment of the Heaven’s Cross series is in preparation for the actual opening of Heaven’s Cross, for which Adamus has given the date of March 22, 2023. He says the effects of this momentous event will eventually be perceived by science bring a level of change to the planet not seen since the fall of Atlantis. The implications are far-reaching as many extraordinary potentials now become possibilities.

Adamus describes the “perfect storm” on Earth – conflict, desire for freedom, and the light of consciousness – that is bringing about this massive change. It is the fulfillment of the Atlantean dream to create a planet where human and divine walk hand in hand, energies flowing together, never again to be separated.

“Heaven’s Cross is where the heaven of Earth and the heavens of the other realms intersect. They cross, and it makes the divinity so much more accessible. It’s who you really are. It’s the alignment of your energies flowing in such a graceful, beautiful way.” ~ Adamus”


The fact that we have the rare celestial Portal opening of the Spring Equinox New Moon in Aries at 0 degrees, followed by the Heaven’s Cross Event, indicates that we are indeed birthing the true Christ Consciousness back onto Earth. I will note however, that it is NOT the dream of Atlantis that we are birthing, but the Dream of Lemuria. Atlantis was overtaken by the dark, the EGO consciousness distorted the true Source energy that was present on the Planet as the Garden of Eden, and thus Atlantis blew up the Garden of Eden in their misguided attempts to ascend themselves. Lemuria was the heart of Mother Earth, and the 5D civilization that we are returning to. Sophia Gaia, the true Queen of Lemuria, shall also return via the Christ Consciousness rebirthing.

Fourth, to complete this Portal of Sovereignty, we end on March 23rd with Pluto the great death and rebirther, entering Aquarius, the sign of the Ascension + Humanity. There could be no greater confirm of this World Wide Sovereignty declaration than for Pluto to enter Aquarius on this day. As I have shared in previous posts, Pluto’s demotion as a Planet in 2006 began the waning of Pluto’s archetype out of Human consciousness. Pluto’s discovery in 1930 was a CHOICE by Humanity, as they knew they required Pluto’s archetype of death, rebirth, and bringing the shadows to light in order to complete this Ascension process. Pluto delivered on his mission to lead us down into the Underworld-to see it, to feel it, to know it, and to heal it. As his archetype is now retiring from our consciousness, his transit through Aquarius will be his final mission, and that mission is to finally lead us out of the underworld and back into the light.

As Pluto shocks us into the NEW, he will crumble all things that are against God, Humanity, Love, Freedom and Truth. All of the things that Aquarius holds dear to it’s heart. Pluto made his promise to us that he would destroy everything that is destroying us. He would rip out and dissolve everything that was against God, Nature, Love, + Humanity. As he brings us the first shock wave, this will have intense ripple effects until June 11th, when he will retrograde back into the final degrees of Capricorn where he has transited since 2008. For the later half of this year, Pluto will be finalizing his mission of breaking down the Matrix/The System of Capricorn that was used to keep us enslaved. He will then move into Aquarius once again in January of 2024, to begin his final ascent back into the Light.

On March 23rd, 2022, Pluto is declaring the end of the old world, and beginning of the new. He is here to liberate us, yet for many, they will be holding on to the old, afraid to remove their own chains. We must bravely lead the rest out of the illusion and into the truth. Fear no longer has a hold over our consciousness. We are free.

I would like to end with an excerpt from the Book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny by Ellias Lonsdale on the energy of 1 Degrees Aquarius:

“A vision is held here of a world in the near future where all sides are included, where the myriad aspects of existence are simultaneously upheld, honored, seen, appreciate, given their voice, their power, their spark of contribution + inclusion. This will happen where there is no further need to deny, or negate, to judge or get rid of the shadow, the other side. Christ returns unto the soul, unto life, bringing wholeness and oneness that is so desperately sought.”

We are putting out the Call to Action to entire Planet: Harness this Portal of Sovereignty to declare it, command, + to be it.

During these 3 days, we are asking for all of Humanity to:

-Perform Ceremonies or state intentions out loud for your own Sovereignty, Humanity’s Sovereignty + Mother Earth’s Sovereignty

-Perform Ceremonies or state intentions out loud for the healing Mother Earth’s lands, waters, + air

-Retreat from your phones, televisions, + technology, and connect with the Earth, with each other, + with stillness

-Join us for Unity Portal Parties on our 5D Radio Station 21st-23rd to bring joy, laugher, + world wide unity consciousness

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