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What Does your Soul Consist Of?

Soul Name, which incorporates Sacred Geometries. Some call it your Divine Blueprint. Whatever you wish to call it, Sacred Geometry is the Universal Language and thus read and understood Universally.

Galaxy of origin: One part of your soul is always attached to your Galaxy of origin and you even carry the tonal chord, the vibrational frequency of your galaxy of origin within you.

Soul Tonal Chord

Tonal Chord (sound vibrations and frequencies). When you tone or chant or sing or create music in this chord, you will immediately lift you own energy fields and then are in tune with your own soul.

Soul Colours.

The soul colours vibrate to the frequency of light. These are the colours held within your energy bodies and auric energy fields. I often get those who can read auras coming back to me and saying that what was transmitted through me as colours, is indeed reflected in those colours around their own auric energy fields.

Your soul energy thus consists of the sacred geometrical patterns, which are pure energy, plus the soul sound vibration and frequency, plus the color vibration and frequencies. All work as ONE, and what is more you are tuned into your galaxy of origin as well.

Your spinal column indeed, acts as a tuning fork, tuning your soul into the Spinal Column and vibrational sound and light frequencies of Planet Earth and to your own home galaxy and the Divine.

You are always tuned in, day and night.

You are indeed SOUND and Light frequencies vibrating!

“IN the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was God and God was the Word.”

Thus, you literally are the WORD OF GOD, through the vibrational frequency of your own soul.”

Soul Purpose and Calling as held within your soul name:

Within your soul creation, your purpose and calling are programmed or created. You will find that during your lifetime on earth you will always be brought back to the highest truth of your soul, the soul attributes which were created within you. If you try to be and become anything or anyone other than what you in truth are, you will always feel a deep void or longing inside of you, and a deep restlessness, a longing.

When you are in deepest alignment with your own soul, you will be living life in loving service, living out your soul purpose and calling, with great love. You will find great joy in doing so, and it will literally pour out of you with such love, that it has a positive ripple effect on all you encounter. You will radiate this out.

You are loving what you do and doing what you love.

How do I live my Soul Purpose and Calling (via my Soul Name)?

When did you last give yourself the freedom to just be? To do what you truly love doing, and having fun doing this? Indeed, you totally lost track of time and you even forgot to eat. You were in a totally different world, enjoying yourself. You were in highest alignment with your soul.

What have you always dreamt of doing, being, and then never got round to?

When you live in highest alignment with your soul, you will truly love what you are doing and you will be doing what you love, bringing this out into the world with love. More than this, the frequency of Love will be within all you are creating, and it will attract like-minded souls to you, who will be delighted to be in energetic exchange with you.

So many get stuck in nine to five jobs, which they hate, just to have an income. And then wonder why they are sick, or why they just seem to go through the motions in life.

How to connect with your own Higher Soul Source Self:

When incarnated on Planet Earth we tend to forget the truth of who and what we are. We forget who we are in truth. We forget that we are Sons and Daughters of the Most High, the Divine Source!

Even before birth, when still in our mother’s womb, we absorb all that is going on in and around her, and our family and surrounds. When we are born, mostly accompanied by an extreme shock, we suddenly find ourselves in a totally new world, new body and environment. From now on we are literally being forged by our parents, society and outside forces.

Very few children can live out their genius from the moment they are born, guided and mentored throughout life to remain on track to truly live their highest soul calling and purpose with love.

The sad thing is that most of us grow into adulthood, becoming what others wanted us to turn into, just going through the motions of life, instead of being fully present and living a Soul Empowered life with great love.

The lower Self is the ego. It takes on Personas and assumes masks, (for most people are afraid to show their true selves for they believe others would not love them if they knew the truth about them). The lower self lives in fear. It lives in self-imposed prisons that others created for it. It is not free. It is bound and shackled.

The Higher Soul Self is infinite and free. It is not bound by humans or by anything. It can truly expand Universally and traverse the cosmos. It is not limited in any way. The higher Soul Self is directly tuned in and AT- ONE with the Divine Source and therefore embraces the All-Seeing, the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing. It is on this earth but not of it!

When you are so AT- ONE with the Divine Source, Divine Love, Light, Power and Wisdom will flow through you. You will be filled with the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah. You will be out there serving with great love because you can do and be no other than who and what you are! Indeed, you will be radiant like the Central Sun and you will touch the hearts and soul of all you encounter. You will adopt vibrant, radiant health and vitality and become the Love, Light and Wisdom which changes the world.

I have been through a process of intense transformation myself in the last few months.

When you start letting to of the Old Adam and Old Eve, and all the false programming, the pain, the separation, the duality and polarity, and all the old Personas, or whoever you through defined you, even the name you are called in this lifetime, you will go through disintegration. Indeed, there will be a period when you literally feel you are dissolving.

What are you dissolving:

When we introduce ourselves to other people, we say: “I am Peter, and I am the Managing Director of the (whatever company he works for and defines his Persona around). Or “I am Rose, and I am married to John and I am a housewife and Mother of five children.” Now that is the Persona, the ACTING role you take on during life on earth. It is NOT the TRUE YOU, the Soul you. It is merely a mask, a costume, an actor’s role you take on! In truth it does not define your soul. It does not tell others what is going on in the deepest depths of your heart and soul. The TRUE you emerges when you are stripped naked of all the Personas, the old clothes and actors’ roles and make up and masks you assumed.

When you stand then totally stripped and completely naked, there is no place to hide anymore. You stand there in the truth of who and what you are, in the blinding spotlight. You cannot play games of pretense anymore. You are confronted with ALL that you ever thought you were, and all the roles you ever played and now find that indeed, so much of what you created in this lifetime, was but illusion. You indeed did the best you could, and so many times tried to fit into societies’ too small boxes, to please someone in order to feel accepted – but in truth the emptiness within you, grew wider and greater, and you searched for meaning and purpose, and for the deepest knowing of ATONENESS that was there always within you!

These moments of being stripped naked are indeed the greatest of all blessings. Indeed, they are the greatest of all wake up calls. Notwithstanding that you thought you were truly on the highest path of Ascension, you will find that even those paths are now disintegrating as we are being led into a totally new Creation of the Soul Garments we are now needing wear in even greater ATONENESS, indeed EMBODIMENT of the Divine Source WITHIN us. Literally BECOME it.

The Truth of who and what we ARE – at Soul level AS ONE with the DIVINE. That indeed is Christedness.

**By Judith Kusel


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