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What Does your Soul Consist Of?

Soul Name, which incorporates Sacred Geometries. Some call it your Divine Blueprint. Whatever you wish to call it, Sacred Geometry is the Universal Language and thus read and understood Universally.

Galaxy of origin: One part of your soul is always attached to your Galaxy of origin and you even carry the tonal chord, the vibrational frequency of your galaxy of origin within you.

Soul Tonal Chord

Tonal Chord (sound vibrations and frequencies). When you tone or chant or sing or create music in this chord, you will immediately lift you own energy fields and then are in tune with your own soul.

Soul Colours.

The soul colours vibrate to the frequency of light. These are the colours held within your energy bodies and auric energy fields. I often get those who can read auras coming back to me and saying that what was transmitted through me as colours, is indeed reflected in those colours around their own auric energy fields.

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