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By: Ramona Lappin

Golden Lemurian Timeline and Edenic Codes activated, anchored, locked and sealed! Unlocking our Abundance and Freedom from within our own body matrix/ Blueprint/ DNA. Artificial Matrix hologram dissolution activated, anchored, locked and sealed. Artificial inserts, false memories and pictures of realities accelerate to fully and visibly dissolve as the New Grid-System and Organic Timeline overwrites the old distortions and Illusions, through our DNA and Blueprints at cellular and atomic quantum level. THE DIVINE GOLDEN CHRISTED CHILD has been born!! Ourselves reborn in purity and innocence but with the wisdom gained! Activating Collective Christ Conscioussness embodiment - anchored, locked and sealed! Mass Awakening in progress and accelerating. The Ascension train has left the building, wild ride ahead! Be ready for anything as inner and outer Revelations accelerate! Humour, humility and staying in awe and wonder as an eternal student of how Consciousness works, serve us well as full Clarity returns and stabalizes/ fully anchors (locked and sealed). The old Grid goes offline, the frequency net deactivates and all mind control and old programming dissolves rapidly now. The unconscious becomes conscious as we connect and become the embodiment and new Broadcasting system of the Godhead/ Godmind. We let go of all negative ego and attachments to the old realities to start ALL NEW NOW! Synarchy overwrites all interference. Old artificial Timelines collapse and dissolve as the One Organic Ascension Timeline takes over - Mandela effect accelerates. Memory wipe continues and accelerates as 'past' data is stored in quantum records but not running the sub-conscious and recreating old, non serving Timelines. Karmic records are cleared of the energetic density at cellular level, as we reconcile our experiences through the eyes of Divine Love and Neutrality so we can finally let go. Synchronicities, messages and downloads increase as we remember how to CONSCIOUSLY co-create / activate these ALL NEW BEGINNINGS & NEW REALITIES! Stepping fully into our Power as we have stopped playing the game of giving our power away and wasting our energy. We reclaim our full connection to Source and connect to infinite, open Source back flow return. God Source Codes and Mother's Blue Ray returning our templates back to 'perfection'. Healing and regenesis is available to all who choose 'redemption', reconciliation and the Law of One! Diamond Crystalline Rainbow Solar Plasma Lightbody Activations activating next level Christ Avatar embodiment; gifts, abilities and new missions unlock and are coming online! ALL NEW BEGINNINGS START NOW, in NO-TIME! All accessible through alignment with Zero Point Field and ones OWN (your) FREQUENCY! We align with the new ORGANIC ASCENSION TIMELINES FULLY ANCHORED AND ACTIVATED NOW! All accessible from within! As we truly and deeply Love and appreciate ourselves, knowing that we are perfect and enough just as we are, our Hearts expand and new DNA, RNA & quantum time codes activate, new realities come online in response. Super exciting frequencies everyone!! Open up to receive all that you are so worthy of and have worked so hard for! KNOW & FEEL THAT IT IS SO! BELIEVING REALLY IS SEEING! That's why we came, to reprogram the Matrix!! All all-ready happening! It's time to balance out the energetic scales of giving and receiving, manage our energy from a place of integrity and sovereignty, no longer giving it away! The end of the victim and victimizer game/ programming as the virus has been removed and the Collective is stepping out of victim energy and instead reclaiming their power from deep within! No more enabling and feeding the energy vampires!!! As we stop/ped playing the game, the game now stops, time for a new fun one! Each thought, word, belief, feeling and action that align with the Organic Ascension Realities, accelerates the unfoldments as we keep causing ripples, shifts and changes in the Quantum Field. Divine Union Within through Polarity Integration and balancing of our masculine and feminine energies in the Zero Point Field, birthing the Divine Golden Christed Child, the Holy Trinity and new Tri-wave/ Unityfield/ Grid System! IS IT DONE! SO IT IS! Now we watch the unfoldment in awe and wonder! No more 'delays' as we FLOW forward at Quantum Speed Now the Divine Child comes out and plays, InJOYs, creates and thrives! Amazing work y'all!! ONE for all, all for One and ALL FOR LOVE Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona

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