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Wayshowers: General Update

By: Amanda Lorence

Since January 2021 my own personalised path has been focused on SOUL EMBODIMENT. This is a path stage, in this Collective Ascension, where mind, heart and body are ready to consciously, in waking state begin a journey to physically and energetically MERGE AS the SOUL with a VESSEL ADD-ON. I see my soul each day, at will; I see and work with the individualised LIGHT PATTERNS SOUL creates, as it’s own Soul signature, and I’ve been constantly merging this whole year to become it in the physical. But not there yet...It’s not a quick process, it takes ‘human’ will, silence and presence over a time period. It’s conscious energetics at play as One. And why I’ve written and spoken less this year, knowing the highest thing I can do in service to ALL, IS to become Soul embodied with the Soul frequency, yet with the human body here. The SOUL does not speak or listen to ‘human’ speaking; SOUL is White Light constantly vibrating, passed on consciously to the matching receprecal brain when there is MIND, HEART PLUS BODY coherence. Parts of the brain gradually gets switched on, to TRANSLATE the higher HERTZ WAVELENGTHS of the SOUL, into decipherable coherent linear mind understanding. The two (human & Soul) work as One, eventually in a coherent harmony. Soul embodiment stage means the need for more quiet, to be Soul, in order to translate Soul Wavelengths to the brain in ‘Brain quiet’ mode. For this reason, I’ve been quieter this year. Whilst this has been my own stage, I’ve not written or spoken too much about it out loud. Because my aim has always been to STEP by STEP support many people higher and higher in their own consciousness, through their stages. To HELP (hopefully) increase the frequency of human beings on their journey, that can sometimes feel very isolating and very confusing once awakened. Especially since worldwide events of 2020...


In the last six weeks, I’ve received a couple of “Learning Dreams” about COLLECTIVE WORLDWIDE EVENTS.

1] A major SERGE of energy to come, for all. (See below). Different to a VISION in 2014 of a solar incoming ONE OFF energetic.

2] How unawakened are being prepared to ‘awaken’.

3] I was given words depicted in the Bible, that I’ve personally never used or related to. Relating to a major timeline event and prophesy. I do not follow any one religion, but appreciate there IS the deeper LOVE shown within many teachings, that could UNITE all man-made religions.

I’ve relayed in previous WAYSHOWER posts, Points 1 and 2. But I’ve been knowing to not put too much DETAILS, that may easily create misperception and even unnecessary fearmongering. (If a ‘Guardian’ here, there is an energetic Seal in one’s throat, that safeguards (as a Guardian) the prophecies of events. The throat SEAL, effectively stops us from speaking certain