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Wake up, God's warrior

Yes, it is real. What you have gone through is real. What you see is real. What you feel is real. Your visions are real. The war of consciousness is real. AND SO ARE YOU. You are REAL in a world that has been flooded with fakes. So yes, your struggle was real. It couldn't be easy. You couldn't fit in. You didn’t come to adjust. You came to help bring the change. You are a warrior. You came here to make a difference. To BE different. To bring truth back to this place, to help blinded eyes see, to help others come alive again. The battle is real. And it has been going on for eons. And yes, the attacks are real as well. From places you didn't expect. Maybe your environment had been infiltrated, maybe your loved ones had been used against you. But you can stop it. You can change it. You are stronger than that. The power is in you. Protect your energy. At all costs. At any time. You are a warrior of God. A fighter with a pure heart. A priestess of the divine, a magician in the highest courts. You are a traveler from afar and at the same time the ancestor who has always been here. This is YOUR WORLD. Your PARADISE. Your PLAYGROUND. But you have been made to believe that it is not so. Like you're a lifeless robot. But you are not that. You are alive. You ARE THE LIVING PROPHECY. You are the love. You are the truth. You are the faith. You are the way. And you are the victory. The key is within yourself. Untouchable to anyone who tries to control the outside. You cannot control the outer world. But you can influence it with your divine power from within. You are the magician and you are the magic. You are the gateway to paradise. And just as real as all that are the rewards that await you. The joy and abundance. The love. The peace. The happiness. The soul family. The victory. You are fighting for more than the freedom of a space, or a place. You are fighting for peace of mind. For the divinity. For the highest of the highest there is. For creation. For the experience of life. For Heaven on Earth. Believe in yourself. Because I do. And I’m honored to stand by your side. Much love beautiful souls



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