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URGENT MESSAGE: Mother Earth Has Just Issued An Eviction Notice to Humanity

By: Archeia Aurora

Today, August 31st, 2022, Mother Earth has just issued Her Eviction Notice to Humanity. The state of the planet has become severely unstable, toxic, & damaging to Mother Earth’s System. She has been more than patient, but time is up and the bill must be paid.

Mother Earth was created to be the Garden of Eden, the physical paradise for all of Creation to come enjoy the physical experience, the magic, & was the most sought after Destination Planet. Earth was Mother’s gift to all of Creation. 27,000 years ago, Mother Earth “fell from Grace”, as she was blown up & sent onto a crash course for destruction …a black hole. The Atlanteans had stolen 5D Crystal Technology from the Lemurians, and attempted to use this technology outside of the 5th dimensional frequencies of unconditional love. This caused a massive explosion akin to a nuclear explosion in our present day.

Mother of Creation, herself, had to pull Earth off its crash course & back into alignment. However, she could not save the Planet from the destruction that was caused. Earth was a 5th dimensional planet of light cities, magic, Lemurian technology, unity consciousness, community, love, peace, grandness & innovation. Due to the damage caused to her body, She was knocked down into the 3rd Dimension, the lowest dimension of physicality a being can go.

For the last 27,000 years, the Dark have taken over Earth in her vulnerable state, manipulated & trained Humanity on how take, steal, rape, pillage, torture, suppress, persecute, ignore, and power over their HOST, Mother Earth. The 144,000 have been incarnating here along with Mother & Father of Creation for the last 27,000 years attempting to awaken Humanity to their illusions and distortions, to free them from their self-induced slavery and to return Mother Earth to her natural state. But Humanity has refused.

After the Fall of Atlantis & Lemuria, the Dark used plenty of tactics in controlling, manipulating, and powering over Humanity into becoming their slaves. But over time, they no longer needed to actively control or manipulate us, we did it for them. We bought their lies, we acted the way they acted, we allowed ourselves to not only become enslaved, but actively want to enslave others, and our Mother.

Mother Earth has been crying out to us for thousands of years to acknowledge Her, to help Her heal, to LOVE her for everything she has provided for us. What did we do? We raped her. We took from her. We were entitled to her and her abundance. We suppressed her. We hurt her. We killed her. Humanity became a parasitic race, siphoning off of our Host, siphoning Source energy to fuel the Dark, to fuel our own greed, ignorance, and dysfunction. We disconnected ourselves from our Mother, and from our hearts. Instead, we plunged into the mind & clung to all of its distortions.

For hundreds of years, Mother Earth has been slowly raising her frequency, healing HERSELF as she is a divine being, a conscious being. This frequency rise has sped up in the past few decades as more and more of Humanity connected to Her and actively sought to heal themselves, and Her. Since 2012 when we entered the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, Mother Earth has shot up to the 4th dimensional frequencies. Since then, she has been waiting for Humanity to catch up in frequency so that she may finish her healing and all may return to New Earth, the Garden of Eden.

Many have come over these thousands of years to warn Humanity. To warn them of a time when the Mother would return and all must answer to her. They spoke of a prophecy of the return of the “Christ”, the return of Jesus. These are all just names for Mother Earth herself. Our Mother has been patient, she has been kind, and she has been ALL forgiving. But now She is pissed. Now She has had enough. Mother Earth has risen to the 5th dimensional frequencies and an emergency VACATE notice has been issued to Humanity.

All beings on Planet Earth MUST rise now to the 5th dimensional frequencies in order to continue living upon Her. The rent is long passed due, and it is due NOW. Those who refuse to rise to the 5th dimensional frequencies of unconditional love, are now being evicted, and will leave Planet Earth. Mother is no longer hosting takers.

The Bill must be paid in full.


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1 Comment

Martin Boyd
Martin Boyd
Sep 01, 2022

WOW! Had to be!

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