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Transmission from Arcturian Collective - Humanity Must Urgently Prepare, Please Read!

By: Devina Nund

Starbeing speaks:

‘A galactic collective wish to speak with you regarding some upcoming upgrades to the collective DNA templating. We are a collective of Arcturian starbeings, part of the Galactic Federation of Light, in service to the transition of life forms on the planet to higher dimensional frequencies. We are appreciative of the opportunity to speak with you and request for you to relay this transmission to those with whom this message will resonate.

There has been a cosmic event occurring that humanity are not prepared for. Transition into 4th dimensional density is occurring and this is directly affecting the stability of the planet. The {human} consciousness must be prepared to experience certain phenomenon that will seem unusual. You must stay out of fear.

It has become necessary for a (galactic) intervention to help humanity and planet Gaia keep pace with the acceleration of other ascension related phenomena occurring throughout the cosmos. The ascension shift occurring on your planet is going to move into hyper speed or overdrive. The time is collapsing much faster towards the point of cosmic neutrality