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Unity Consciousness Project 2-4-24

As the Aquarian Stargate opened on January 20th, 2024, both Pluto and the Sun opened the gates for the inpouring of the Aquarian Codes. These are the Age of Aquarius activations for the mass awakening and planetary ascension.

The Aquarian paradigm is all about unity consciousness, because it is through the power of unity + collective intention that we take our planet back and declare our sovereignty as a Humanity. We are being called to come together as soul pods and soul collectives to begin collaborating, co-creating, and working together to build the new blueprint and foundation for the New Earth.

Last month, the Dragons entered our realm and have begun planetary-wide clean up duty. They are transmuting all density that lies within Mother Earth, our human vessels, and clearing away all illusions, lies, and EGO mind energy. The Dragons have shared as they were clearing the enslavement energies from the planet, that Humanity must come together through collective intent + inspired action in order to assist in speeding up and accelerating the Ascension Events of 2024.

We are now launching our Unity Consciousness Project this month, which is an initiative to gather as many across the world into weekly unified intents. These intents may be placed through meditation, ceremonies, prayer etc., and the focus of each weekly intent will be downloaded from the Galactics and shared every Saturday of the month. We then request that on each Sunday of the month, all who can and are guided to participate, send their intention out on SUNday across the world. Sunday is the day of the Sun, who is currently assisting us greatly with Solar Flares and catalysts for DNA activations and mass awakening.

This weekend is our first experiment with this project! For everyone who is guided to participate, please share far and wide and let us gather as many beings across the planet to assist with this 🙏🏼 we are all powerful co-creators and together, we CAN and WILL create the new paradigm. If anyone is able to translate these messages to be shared in other languages that is also greatly appreciated.

Our first Unity Consciousness Initiative is the dissolvment of the dark financial system + financial enslavement of Humanity and Mother Earth, and to activate Universal Abundance and the Quantum Financial System. This is the most immediate concern for Humanity and we are declaring our freedom from financial slavery.

We ask all around the world to place this intention + activation either through meditation, ceremonies or prayer on Sunday, February 4th, 2024. There is no set time for this but whenever you are guided. The Sun + cosmic energy, as well as the Galactics and Source will be giving us full support for our intentions to be made manifest.

Thank you all for your participation ! Let’s take our planet back.


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