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Unity Consciousness Project 2-11-24

Thank you all who participated in our first Unity Consciousness Project last Sunday ! It was very successful as from Sunday the 4th-9th, we had over 20 Solar Flares, including an X Class, which were assisting in these Unity consciousness intentions  

Our next Unity Consciousness Initiative is the deactivation of all dark and harmful technology that is currently being used against Humanity and Mother Earth + to declare the release of 5D quantum technology for Humanity and Earth’s highest healing. We are also calling in all of the Dragons and elementals to assist in the clearing and healing of our collective consciousness, lands, water and airwaves.

We ask all around the world to place this intention + activation either through meditation, ceremonies or prayer on Sunday, February 11th, 2024. There is no set time for this but whenever you are guided, and we can continue this intention for the next week. The Sun + cosmic energy, as well as the Galactics and Source will be giving us full support for our intentions to be made manifest.

Thank you all for your participation and please feel free to share and translate


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