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Truth & Transparency-The Dragon Genome

By: Archeia Aurora

Many have heard the myths and tales of dragons but few understand their true energy frequency. Many of the 144,000 hold Dragon Genomes or Dragon DNA. The Dragons were created by Source from a pure frequency of passion, protection, and wisdom. There are many dragon collectives that serve many roles.

The Dragon Genomes have now been turned ON within the collective. These activations will first occur within those who hold the DNA of Lumeria, the 144,000. These activations will trigger the Truth & Transparency genome, which will shatter the illusionary matrix for all. The Dragon Key holders will lead the way by showing Humanity the TRUTH, and guiding them to embody their own dragon codes of transparency.

Many of the Dragon Key holders are strategically placed throughout the Earth to cause ripple effects. When truth is spoken, it cuts through all illusionary energy and goes straight to the heart of what is real. The challenge is that many truth holders have become stuck on THEIR truth, not THE truth. These are two very different things.

Our truth within is authenticity, our true self, our intuition, insights, guidance, and passions. Our inner truth is just one part of the entire cosmic truth. When we become stuck on OUR truth, we lose sight of THE truth. This is what the Dragon’s are returning to us. The truth of Creation is vast, but it is simple. THE truth resonates with every single soul on the planet, for it is ONE truth that we all align with.

Transparency is the THE truth that governs all of the cosmos. It is the knowing that there is no difference between the inner and the outer, the self and the whole. All is the same, all is one consciousness through billions of expressions. To be truly transparent is to acknowledge this truth and live by it. To take accountability for all that showing itself both in your internal world and external world.

Transparency is to embrace the external as one with you, to understand that both flow simultaneously according to the same frequency. Once we see this we can never unsee it. We begin to realize that all of our external pushing, forcing, convincing, etc., is futile because we are always simply speaking to ourselves.

The truth serum is now activated within all of the Dragon Key holders which means that our truth can no longer be held back. Our truth and the the truth become one and we become the living embodiment of truth. Lies, deceit, half truths, or withholding of the truth are no longer permitted on Planet Earth. All must be revealed.

As you take off your final mask, your barrier between you and others, between you and the “outside” world, our truths become one. We become the captains of the collective consciousness ship because there is no longer any difference between us as individuals and the collective. We become the guiding lights of the shifts of energy.

“Free speech” is a common phrase used in the West, but its true meaning has been lost. There is no such thing as “free speech” any longer, there is only true speech. One is only given the gift of speaking when truth and transparency are at its core, when one has mastered cosmic ethics within. “Free speech” was a product of free will. It allowed all beings to speak anything into existence, including lies, manipulations, half truths, etc. This allowance of misaligned speaking is what created the Matrix in the first place, as everything we speak shapes the reality we live in.

Unconscious speaking is no longer allowed by the Dragon Key Holders. All mistruths must be called out, revealed, and cut through. All manipulation must be burned through the fires until only truth remains. How does one reconcile their inner truth with the ultimate truth? Through reflection, accountability, openness, and acceptance deeper and deeper truths are revealed. The external layers or barriers that separated us from the all dissolve one by one until we arrive at the core self, the Soul. Then all truths are revealed.

All Dragon Key Holders are now being activated by the their respective Dragon Collectives:

Red Dragon Key Holders- The Red Dragon holders are part of the Source fractal who are imbued with the energies of Right Action, Universal Law, & Divine Truth. These key holders are swift, passionate, and not succumb to fear or external opinions. They are the braver and courageous ones who dare to speak the truth at all costs. They are the cosmic correctors.

Black Dragon Key Holders-The Black Dragon holders are fierce, passionate, and incredibly patient. They hold the codes for transmuting all forms of fear, distortion, and lower energy. They are the courageous ones who walk silently through the flames, dissolving all external and internal distortions through their fierce unconditional love of Source. They are the cosmic protectors of Divine Justice.

Silver Dragon Key Holders- The Silver Dragon holders align with the Elder dragons, the masters of alchemy and divine wisdom. They are adept at contemplation, reflection, and alchemizing the opposing energies into one unified and balanced energy. They are the cosmic wisdom holders and guides.

Gold Dragon Key Holders-The Gold Dragon holders are aligned with worthiness, abundance, and the Royal essence. These holders hold their worthiness against all odds, they hold the vision for all of Humanity of joy, abundance, bliss and harmony. These are the cosmic activators who assist with bringing the vision of New Earth into manifestation.

Rainbow Dragon Key Holders-The Rainbow Dragon holders are multidimensional, they carry many codes from each collective, so their role is ever changing. These key holders have access to the cosmic knowings, and they see the truth beyond what is shown to them. They hold the gift of far sight, as they can see the greater picture and adjust themselves to each changing moment of what is required. These are the cosmic guides & holders of harmony for the collective.

Blue Dragon Key Holders-The Blue Dragon Holders are the scribes, time travelers and cosmic librarians. These are the holders who bring in the wisdom and knowings from all of Creation in order to share and teach these principles to others. These holders are an important aspect of sharing our true history, rehearsing us of our past, and teaching us how to co-create our future. These are the cosmic librarians and wisdom keepers.

Green Dragon Key Holders-The Green Dragon Holders are the elemental magicians, as they are imbued with the gifts from the elementals such as crystals, plants, herbs, fairies, gnomes, etc. These holders bring forth the codes to healing, reuniting with Mother Nature, and are adept at cleansing lands/seas/air. These are the cosmic healers.

Pink Dragon Key Holders-The Pink Dragon Holders are the holders of the pink flame, who ignite the Heart & Higher Heart Chakra. They are fearless in their ability to keep their hearts wide open, giving love, acceptance, and kindness to every creature. They are especially adept at working with the children & animals. These are the cosmic caretakers.

Orange Dragon Key Holders-The Orange Dragon Holders hold the cosmic egg of creativity. They are bursting with the divine spark of Source and are here to create and express in every form. They are adept in the arts, poetry, expression and creation. They are our cosmic entertainers and they lead through inspiration and joy.

Purple Dragon Key Holders-The Purple Dragon Holders align with the Violet Flame of Purification. These holders create the bridge between Earth & the Etheric and their role is to bring in the magic of the etheric realm into Earth. They are adept at connecting with the etheric through meditation, channeling, & telepathic communication. These are our cosmic guides and those who hold the space between realms.


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