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Truth & Transparency-The Dragon Genome

By: Archeia Aurora

Many have heard the myths and tales of dragons but few understand their true energy frequency. Many of the 144,000 hold Dragon Genomes or Dragon DNA. The Dragons were created by Source from a pure frequency of passion, protection, and wisdom. There are many dragon collectives that serve many roles.

The Dragon Genomes have now been turned ON within the collective. These activations will first occur within those who hold the DNA of Lumeria, the 144,000. These activations will trigger the Truth & Transparency genome, which will shatter the illusionary matrix for all. The Dragon Key holders will lead the way by showing Humanity the TRUTH, and guiding them to embody their own dragon codes of transparency.

Many of the Dragon Key holders are strategically placed throughout the Earth to cause ripple effects. When truth is spoken, it cuts through all illusionary energy and goes straight to the heart of what is real. The challenge is that many truth holders have become stuck on THEIR truth, not THE truth. These are two very different things.