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Transcend the programming, Embrace the Shadow work

Shadow work, inner work

Why is it important to work with our shadows?

It is important to work with our shadows to evolve as conscious beings, to discover our unlimited inner dimension.

Our shadows are in reality the programming we received as children, in our first interactions with life, they are baggage accumulated from our life experiences.

It is the curtain that overshadows the awareness of deeper dimension of inner self.

Based on this accumulation of information, our life is created.

Our experiences are a reflection of the programming contained.

We live in a mirror universe and it is wonderful.

The exterior reflects the interior.

Working with the shadows, the inner work can be done by beings who are determined to transcend the limitations, the suffering, the drama, reflected by the dual programming received.

This work is done by souls who have suffered enough to be determined with all their being to face their own darkness, to shed light on what is hidden, to dig into the root program, and to replace it with a program that reflects the harmony, love, and limitlessness that we are.

It is not an easy task at all, it takes sincerity towards ourselves and a lot of courage.

The courage to take responsibility for what we carry inside, because in these times we have access to information, we have knowledge and we know that the power is in us.

We have the power to choose what programming we contain, so we are the creators of our world.

We are the only responsible for how we feel and what our world looks like.

It is a stage of the soul's maturity, the stage when we no longer blame the outside to flee from the inner shadows.

The stage when we no longer put the garbage under the carpet because we know that keeping it there only multiplies in time and will later come out of the size of a mountain.

The stage when we stop telling us, invent stories to protect our fears.

We have no way to avoid them, the only solution is to look at them and work on them.

How do we detect inner shadows?

The universe is perfectly designed, it mirror us.

We look at our outer world, the aspects of our lives, and discover our own shadows.

The exterior will show us always what we have to work with.

Any situation, person, limitation that we blame for the unhappiness, the suffering that we feel is a notification that we have to work with us. Otherwise that situation, person, limitation, would not exist in our world.

Any external factor that arouses negative feelings in us, towards which we feel rejection, towards which we feel denial, which activates suffering, sadness, lack and limitation, fear in us is a notification of the universe to look inside.

The contained programming, the belief system, not only creates our universe, attracts similar vibrations, it increases.

The longer we carry unworked luggage, the more it will grow.

The trap is that we are also programmed to flee from suffering and all that is unpleasant, and in working with ourselves it is necessary to do the opposite, to face our fears, to look at them as they really are, to find their root and put in place an idea that reflects the truth, the love, the limitlessness that we are.

The moment we work on the inside, the root and replaced it, the outside instantly change in a "miraculous" way.

We become witnesses to the miracle of instant transformation in the situations in our lives.

In the people who have reflected us.

In the world that mirror us.

By BogdanaElena


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