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By: Alex Myles

2-2-2022 & 2-22-2022

We will likely experience a magnitude of emotions as we ride this extremely rare and powerful energy wave. We are about to go through immense transformation, where we will learn more about love, connection, compassion, forgiveness and communication than ever before. Expect the heart to be triggered during this intense phase, as we are forced out of our comfort zones and we release a lifetime of stagnant energies, harmful beliefs and outdated learned behaviours.

We are about to confront the shadow side of love and intimacy and we will be seeing with absolute clarity how we may subconsciously sabotage important soul bonds, of all types, due to the fear that we are not enough. Our ego is about to be shattered as we realise we have missed out on so many experiences due to false beliefs about ourselves that have kept us stuck repeating the same karmic patterns and painful lessons. Many of us have spent so long trying to be good enough for those around us, we have ended up compromising and suppressing our innate nature and in many ways we have forgotten how to be our truest, most authentic selves.

By the end of this period, we will most certainly be feeling more compassionate, empathetic, sensitive and unconditionally loving, not just toward others, but also to ourselves. This 222222 energy is all about rediscovering the divine within and to attune to this heightened cosmic frequency we need to reconnect with our essence and discover what it is we truly long for and desire and why we fail to receive what we most want and need. We are being offered a unique opportunity to channel this energy so that we acknowledge and heal old emotional wounds, find forgiveness within, come to a place of peace with the past and are able to move into a new, harmonious and vibrant chapter.

It is no coincidence that Venus Retrograde ended just a few days ago, as the lessons and guidance we received during that period has set us up perfectly to absorb and channel the energies this sacred portal brings. Breakthroughs are happening at rapid speed and we are coming into full emotional, mental, physical and spiritual alignment.

Suddenly seeing the number 2 repeated means this energy will be magnified, so when it appears expect to receive extremely positive news, good luck, abundance and prosperity. It also means our soul connections will be strengthened and that past energy has cleared to make way for deeper, balanced and more meaningful relationships. We won’t see another set of number 2 sequences like this in our lifetime, so it is vital to make the most of this powerful portal to manifest change by accepting these incoming blessings and transformational new opportunities. Every time we see the number 2 multiplied the Universe is sending an important synchronistic message so that we slow down for a moment and pay close attention to the thoughts, feelings and beliefs we are holding at that time. Have faith knowing that there is a divine reason for noticing this sequence and, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time, behind the scenes the Universe is working for our highest good - karma is clearing, problems are being solved and our journey is unfolding exactly how it is meant to.

Alex Myles


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