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The Sophia Code: The Golden Age of Miracles

Excerpt from The Sophia Code – Kaia Ra

Sophia has ordained this next cycle to be known as The Golden Age of Miracles. This title points to the unusually high amount of incarnated souls amassing to embody the full divine potential of their Higher Selves in a single lifetime. The Golden Age of Miracles is also a seeded name foretelling the countless miracles that will come to pass from this many master souls consciously converging and unifying as a global community for humanity’s ascension.

One of the many miracles of this dawning ages is that embodying the sovereign power of your Higher Self liberates the Akashic Record vaults of humanity’s collective suffering – without the need for you to suffer for anyone’s relief. That is to say, the lives of billions of people are directly transformed by your personal willingness to embody the Sophia Christ light of your Higher Self. The authentic embodiment of your sovereign divinity broadcasts a transmission of freedom from the activated crystalline chromosome’s of The Sophia Code within you to the dormant DNA of countless souls.

Through the living transmission of your Higher Self embodiment, people who are suffering beyond their understanding will experience the freedom of your life, through a holographic transference of upgrades for their consciousness. For as long as you embody the golden radiance of your Higher Self, the seas of humanity’s collective consciousness will part for millions to follow your lead as you walk The Way of your Sacred Heart. Yes, indeed! You are a wayshower for this Golden Age of Miracles!

This next golden age is an invitation for you to reveal the unlimited depths and heights of your sovereign, creative power – rather than seek or the world to change for you. You are the change. Your are there to embody the reality of Heaven on Earth that so many within your species seek to discover outside of themselves.


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