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The Quantum Nervous Systems

By Archeia Aurora

Today, January 22nd, 2023 we celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Water Rabbit. The element of water is key this year as it represents the yin energy of flow, healing, purification + cleansing. Water represents the feminine element of ebb + flow. We are moving out of the overly masculine paradigm of force, control, + linear direction and into the feminine flow of acceptance, allowance, + effortless/quantum manifestation. The Rabbit represents prosperity, abundance, fertility + good luck. This coincides with the Numerology 7 year which holds the sacred codes of Source and the return to the sacred path of living.

As I’ve shared in previous posts, this year the signs of Aquarius + Pisces are highlighted, which represent the nervous system, circulatory system, + the blood. These systems are all about FLOW and finding what is authentic for your unique essence and body. Without flow, our nervous systems become fried + our circulatory systems become blocked and clogged. Specifically our nervous system is undergoing intense healing, as the nervous system is linked to our quantum fields + our manifestations.

In the 3D paradigm, our nervous systems were wired for fight or flight. This means that our nervous systems were primed to either run away from what felt uncomfortable, or to fight and “win.” Our ability to manifest in this field was limited to linear manifestation. We had to force a lot of energy through “handwork” and “getting ahead” (output) in order to get a small amount of energy back (input). This is the male dominated paradigm where there is no flow, and certainly no room for miracles. Everything had to “make sense” and had to be fought for. This fried and burnt out our nervous systems as we were in a constant state of fighting for what we wanted, or running away from what we wanted out of unworthinesss or wounding.

As we go through intense nervous system healing this year, especially with Uranus the god of lightening stationed direct today in Taurus (the body), many may be feeling the effects of the fight or flight nervous system dissolving. Many have reported feeling fried nerves or issues with their nervous system, as this is part of the process of healing into our quantum nervous system.

The quantum nervous system is part of the crystalline process, and is essential in order to anchor ourselves into the 5D paradigm. In the 5D paradigm, the nervous system is completely healed + no longer holds wounds, triggers, or fight or flight. Therefore, we are able to live a life of ebb + flow, effortless manifestation, + experience miracles that supersede linear time. As we move through the transition, we will be putting out less energy (output) yet it will have more intent + more meaning, + will receive large amounts of energy back (input).

Plasma Technology is key for understanding how our bodies are moving through this transitionary process from carbon to crystalline and from linear to quantum. In the creating of Plasma Technology, we take copper coils + put them through a process of nano coating. When a copper wire is without nano, electricity can only pass through the center of the wire, however, when it undergoes the nano process, the entire wire begins emanating electricity thus creating a FIELD (quantum) rather than a STRAIGHT(linear) line of energy. This is the key to understanding free energy + our nervous system.

Our DNA is undergoing the same process as the Plasma Technology, as we are moving from the singularity concept (masculine) to the quantum concept (feminine). As our DNA undergoes its own nano process, we begin emanating a field of Source energy, thus creating our own field of free energy. This quantum field becomes our own personal vehicle of moving through the quantum field. It allows us to manifest at an exponential rate, + enables the ability for things like teleporting or bi locating.

In the creation of our Plasma Technology, we use a balanced harmonics GANS field that includes Gold (representing the Sun), Copper (representing the feminine/Venus) Iron (representing the masculine/Mars), + Zinc (representing embodiment/Earth). These minerals are essential to our bodies through this crystalline process and can be obtained through mineral rich foods, supplements, etc. Iron seems to be deficient in many of our vessels + one can also fortify their vessel with the energy of iron through meditation with the Red Flame. The Red Flame represents the divine masculine energy of Mars, and enriches our body with strength + protection.

We will also be feeling the need to increase our water intake this year, however, it’s important to ensure this is QUALITY water, not QUANTITY. Mineral rich water such as Plasma GANS water, reverse osmosis water, + or fresh water that is sourced from the Earth is especially helpful. Also adding some HImalyan salt to water can help retain the minerals within the body.

For those looking to utilize plasma technology as part of their healing + crystalline process, please reach out to us! All of our plasma technology is available for donation. To see our creations please visit our site.


If you are looking to co-create your destiny in 2023, create a synergistic relationship with the Planets, uncover your divine blueprint, + finding your authentic flow-book a Quantum Astrology Session with me:


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