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The Pleiadians ~~~~ YOU WILL SEE US

We're here. Always. We have always been here, but we needed to stay a little bit away from you, until you could accept us, understand us, and help us through this whole process. We are working directly in the hearts of each one of you, because our technologies are exactly to work the heart; all the spaces that you have in your heart, so that you can evolve, you can improve, you can get rid of feelings that are not good for you; feelings that only lead you to bad things, to bad decisions.

So we are here, beside each one of you, trying to improve and modify these feelings. We have been trying to show ourselves to some of you. Some have seen us, yes, but the vast majority still cannot see us. Why does this happen? Because deep down, very deep down, you still have that fear; you have not yet opened your hearts fully to see us. This will only happen when you open yourself up to pure unconditional love to realize what we are like.

No, there is no longer a question of veils that are blocking your views. It is only the heart; it's just that fear ... "What am I going to see? How are they? Are they ugly? Are they beautiful? Within your conception, because we think we are beautiful, and I can say that we do not think you are very funny.

So it's a matter of optics. It is a question of positioning. Who's seeing who. However, our love for you is immense, so we can see your physical clothes clearly, and we can also comment here among us, who is cuter, who is uglier, within our conception.