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The Pleiadians ~~~~ YOU WILL SEE US

We're here. Always. We have always been here, but we needed to stay a little bit away from you, until you could accept us, understand us, and help us through this whole process. We are working directly in the hearts of each one of you, because our technologies are exactly to work the heart; all the spaces that you have in your heart, so that you can evolve, you can improve, you can get rid of feelings that are not good for you; feelings that only lead you to bad things, to bad decisions.

So we are here, beside each one of you, trying to improve and modify these feelings. We have been trying to show ourselves to some of you. Some have seen us, yes, but the vast majority still cannot see us. Why does this happen? Because deep down, very deep down, you still have that fear; you have not yet opened your hearts fully to see us. This will only happen when you open yourself up to pure unconditional love to realize what we are like.

No, there is no longer a question of veils that are blocking your views. It is only the heart; it's just that fear ... "What am I going to see? How are they? Are they ugly? Are they beautiful? Within your conception, because we think we are beautiful, and I can say that we do not think you are very funny.

So it's a matter of optics. It is a question of positioning. Who's seeing who. However, our love for you is immense, so we can see your physical clothes clearly, and we can also comment here among us, who is cuter, who is uglier, within our conception.

This will happen to everyone, with all races, as they are all beautiful, from their perspective; and find others, not necessarily ugly, but different, strange. So no, don't worry, we fully understand this fear that you have to see us; this fear that you have of what you will see. First, because we have always been shown in your films, in your media, as horrible beings, beings of evil, beings that have always done you harm. Never as humanoids; always as monsters.

So we are sure that you are afraid to see us, but whoever has seen us knows that we are, in shape, very similar to you. In shape. Our color is different; our features are different; our physical body has different characteristics than yours, but we are humanoid; we are not animals, as you usually call it. We are humanoids like you. A little taller, we are not as small as you are. We can reach many meters in height. So it also scares some of you, because you think that because of our size, we can overwhelm you at any time.

So, when we introduce ourselves, we always choose some of our race who are shorter, so that you don't feel this difference so much, until you get used to us. And I tell you, you will get used to us, because our coexistence will be for a long time, side by side. Then you can ask yourself, but why? You will know. You will know that you will need to have us by your side in order to make the transition; to be able to change your energy frequency to the Fifth Dimension.

My brothers, you will need us. Those who do not want our help, may try to pass, but it will be much more difficult, because whoever is with us will pass to the Fifth Dimension in a very smooth and very natural way. So you will need us. Of course, we will all respect each other's free will. Whoever does not want our help, we will not insist, it is up to each of you. But what we have tried over the years is to get closer and closer to you; to become friends, literally friends; that we can appear physically by your side, without causing you dread; without causing you astonishment; because we are by your side, only you do not see us, because we are in another dimension.

Our body vibrates in a higher dimension, so you don't see us, but we are there by your side, all the time. Each of us, especially those who are of our race; that are from our origins. Some other races are on the planet too, taking care of those who are in your family. So, all of you are surrounded by us, whether you like it or not. Because our help is important to you; our energy, our understanding, our love, and that’s what we’re doing for you.

We have already told you that when we are trying to get your attention, we touch a part of your body, and you feel our vibration. Many already felt and did not know what it was, today you already know. It is us, us or other brothers of other races, communicating with you. Little by little, you discover, which Star Race you belong to. There are those who are from the planet itself. So these have no help? Of course they do. There is a specific group just for them, because everyone needs to be helped, but you also have to want to.

You need to open up, to trust, and believe me, the moment will come when you will turn to the side and you will see us, out of nowhere, you will see us; because some of you are already vibrating very highly, and the moment you take away any fear, dread in your hearts of what you will see, you will be able to see us.

This is not far away, because you are managing to resonate with higher dimensions. So, if you open your hearts, if you connect with us, from the heart, you will see us, because we will also make our vibration go down a little to the Third, and you will be able to see us. It is not easy for us either, as our bodies do not vibrate well in 3D. To show ourselves we need to suffer a loss of energy, so that our body can appear in the Third Dimension.

But for you we will do that. Not all the time so we don't get too worn out, but we can do it, to show you that we are there by your side, helping you, protecting you, trying to put in your heart everything that is necessary for your evolution. This is our idea. There is no one here trying to do anything by invading your free will, ever. We will always be courteous so that you can decide whether you want our help or not. This will be up to each of you.

Whoever says, “I want your help. I want you by my side ”, the process accelerates, and you are becoming more and more aware of how we are. And then one beautiful day, you will see us. We can even make physical contact, why not? Because we are physical bodies, just like yours. We are not pure energy, we are Souls incarnated in physical bodies, different from yours, but they are physical bodies. Then we can even exchange a handshake. Why not?

It would be very wonderful to be able to reach out and get your hand, because we know that this is a gesture of greeting, of respect. It would be very interesting, if that happened and why not? Shall we prepare for this? It is up to you, purely you, to open your hearts. Allow yourself to see us. Do not be afraid. We are not that ugly, no one will lose sleep over seeing us. So try to open your hearts because we are there by your side. We are not far. You don't even have to talk because we read your mind all the time.

So we know what's going on in there, and we will only show ourselves, when we see that your mind and heart are ready. Then yes, you will be able to see us. I will not tell you that we can spend hours talking, because as I said, for us to show ourselves in the Third Dimension is complicated because we lose energy; but we can exchange a few words for sure. We know your language, we are able to talk to you, with each one of you on this planet. We know all the languages in the world, we are evolved for that.

So don't worry about communication. It will not be by telepathy. You will hear our voice, you will understand what we say. So, that is what is missing my brothers. All that is missing so we can effectively and definitively seal our friendship.

We are the Pleiadians. And we love to connect with you.


All of Creation Is watching Earth and witnessing its Ascension Process.

They are ready, ready for this Planet to be Declared a Light Only Zone. All of Humanity are called upon now to Step Up in fulfillment of their Divine Soul Contract. The dark has been cleared, fully defeated and New Earth, Nova Terra, is ready to begin. This requires each Being to fully clear the remaining density within their bodies, to awaken to full remembrance of their Galactic Truth, their Soul Essence, their Divine Blueprint. This is not a Drill, in Real Time, Present Moment of Now Mother of All Creation has ascended and she is Our Divine Director, Our Eternal Mother. She hired you for this role and She is here to guide you. Mother has the entire Galactic Federation of Light and all the Angels with Her in all moments. She also has Her guide/ambassador Robin Williams and Master St. Germain by Her side.

There is no session like this available on the planet, or in all of Creation. ‘5D Full Disclosure’ is a Non-Profit Charity, Heartfully Associated with the “World Blessing Church Trust” for the Benefit of Mother Earth Share Our Messages with Love and Gratitude…....

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