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The outstanding soul

There is a certain soul that always stands out for me. A soul which makes me smile, and tip my hat in respect.❤️

This soul has endured so much. This soul is battle-hardened to the point that they are just tired of fitting in or pretending. They have no more room for chaos or childish drama or games. They are almost always solitary. Yet this is not because they lack the ability to make friends or be charismatic. There is nothing missing or wrong with them. Quite the opposite. They are still kind and loving. Still there with a gentle word. Some of the best listeners you will ever meet should they allow you in their space. There is nothing untowardly or unconscious about them. They have CHOSEN to walk alone, tired of anything less than peace and inner joy. They have chosen to love and respect themselves when no one else would. They have sat quietly in the silence, suturing countless wounds and heartbreaks. They have let them hurt to the core, healed them, and put the broken pieces back together. All on their own. They have become stronger. Whole. They stand alone, yet do not mourn the loneliness. They have reconnected to their own beautiful heart and soul. They have reconnected to the source which they come from. They emanate this divinity, even at a far distance. They stand out, even as they stand alone. There is nothing lacking here. These souls are the lone wolves, the lone grizzlies, solitarily moving through the dense forest of society, yet very much not part of it. When you see this soul, you know it. You FEEL it. They are like a lighthouse beacon of power. An anchor of strength. They need nothing outside of themselves. They are truly free. Creator and Author.✍️ Mike Harrigan. I Am. You Are. We Are. Oneness. Global Consciousness..


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