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The Oracle Report Wednesday 9 - 16 - 2021


By Archeia Faith

Right now the divine plan is putting you into place with your strongest mirrors.

The beginning of September sought to shine a light on control dramas, distractions and old Paradigm habitual patterns of toxic nature that you are choosing to engage in or Create.

You will have either recognized and transformed these or you will repeat your lessons in those habits in different sets of circumstances.

A Steely awareness of circumstances, inner assuredness, calm and peace is now entering ever deeper into the foundation of those who choose daily reflection and transformation.

Energetic vampires who require your energy to "evolve" and whose presence derails you from honoring your service to love, will be brought to light and removed should you so choose.

Those with low priorities with regards to protecting and serving the children will be facing challenging lessons. Those seeking to serve the ego and engage further in control drama creation rather than fully nourishing the absolute security and joy of the children will be coming under immense fire from the divine.

Forgiveness for those refusing to take accountability for lack of evolution will be limited.

Today marks the first day out of the 9/9 portal, the energy of which is anchoring in 5 days prior to and 5 days post portal date. This marks the beginning of a new cycle with fall energies coming into play!

Let's go Ascension team!!!

Family of Light, integrity, honor, compassion and so much more!!

In eternal Service to Mother of All Creation, Archeia Faith !!! 🌎❤️🌈🎉


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