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The Oracle Report 10 - 08 - 2021

By: Archeia Faith

8:47 a.m.

Thank you beloved Mother of All Creation, I am honored and grateful to be one of your warriors chosen to reach Divinity on Earth at this time! I allow 100% integration of the full spectrum of divinity. I release all that is not part of the True Reality design and blueprint. I dissolve 100% blame, worry, attachment, thinking I know better and control I return to my True state of Innocence and speak in full whole Alignment, I seek to honor the Divine Plan in all I do.

In Eternal service and gratitude, Faith

Relationships In Focus

With the recent New Moon in Libra energies still entering the Planet (5 days prior and post each portal date) relationships are under the focus and scrutiny of of the Divine Realm, with the goal of anchoring in true reality and balanced harmonics.

Experiences to trigger attachments are still occurring, so old patterns can be recognized and processed out. This is a grand MOMent to truly reflect on all facets of your relationships, as parents, siblings, children, friends.

As events occur to shake up dysfunctional and imbalanced connections REFLECT. Have an honest walk through WHO you are based on HOW/WHAT you think, speak and act.

What dysfunction after you still choosing?

Where is your energy coming from?

This is a Conscious process, this is a choice.

Common fear based frequencies that are limiting our connections include:




desire (lust)

needing to be right,




taking it personally, (ANGELS SAY BIGGEST ONE!!!)






If ANY thoughts, words or actions are generated by YOU in these fear-based frequencies you are In ego!

Know thyself.

MASTER YOUR VIBRATION!!! OR you are a weapon!

As you RECOGNIZE, REALIZE, ACCEPT IN THE MOMENT that you have embodied a fear based frequency TAKE FULL ACCOUNTABILITY!!!

Breathe through the trigger / Layers, write on a piece of paper a short ceremony:

"Thank you angels. I take full accountability for embodying blame I dissolve it 100%"

Read this aloud and Burn the ceremony

This is an IN THE MOMENT ego death ceremony... it can be very useful to adopt the practice of short daily ceremonies for transforming and transmuting the fear based energy.

The ego must die, all causes of death ARE the ego. PERIOD. Once the ego is fully transformed you cannot die as you are now a fully SELF-SUSTAINING, REGENERATING BEing FUELED by the love and light of source.

To not take accountability and move into transformation, is often a deep sense of justification. You feel fully justified in thinking, speaking, acting as you did / if you're so deep in justification that you continuously act / react from this fear based energy, justifying it without correction, it will become denial.

* comment from Ascended Master El Morya

"This is the Labyrinth, this is the snake, rather than growing and transcending the experience and evolving, you go deeper into the hole, the cycle, continuing to only act in the dark, as a snake does. Spreading your wings and flying overcomes All of this."

We all here SIMPLY to transcend the cycles of dysfunction.

YOU have to choose to evolve.

YOU have to choose to see greater and Grander for YOU.

In eternal and loving service to All of Creation, Archeia Faith

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