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The Oracle Report 10 - 03 - 2021

9:55 a.m.


Are you caught up in Loops of thought about people, places, events that are not in your here and now? Are you obsessively trying to fix things or feeling like you must have the answers for other people? Do you rely on other people or external things for happiness? Do you frequently blame your own discomfort / "Misfortune" on things outside yourself?

If answering yes to any of these questions, you are attached. Great now we have the awareness, we can transform!!

The Divine state is not attached to anything! This is an experience of completeness, peace in which nothing around you moves you from your Center.

You can give advice objectively , observe dysfunction without feeling anything towards it, you can have peace without thought loops outside of the present MOMent.

This is the purely embodied, divine state of badassary.

Attachment is held in the physical body, those in a lot of attachment may be extremely stiff, slouched over, not free-flowing and Lucid.

Attachment slows us down and is physical extra weight we carry.. Those living in attachment are following illusionary currents of ego fueled fantasy, created from attachments.

Those trained in the physical with Mom and honoring their expansion through honoring Her teachings, have the ability to know with complete Precision, when a thought, word or action stems from attachment.

We are all here to call a spade a spade, with compassion – to be honest with our awarenesses. Aware but not attached.

A primary issue on a planet full of "victims" is savior programming - those who seek to energetically suck from people in states of victimhood by swooping in as the savior.

Saviours are extremely attached and not following the divine plan. Which states no one is here to save another but rather we Master our own Divinity so that Our very presence moves all around us into Divine flow, organically.

Those well attuned to their physical vessel know when attachment comes in. For me it is typically pressure in the crown and at the back of the head.

Everyone is unique and depending on what your core attachments are, will determine where your body is storing the attached energy. My main attachment has been to God, and information shared, hence it comes into my crown.

Those attached to the lower perceptions regarding biological parents / up bringing may carry density in the hips. Those who feel that responsible for everything may carry this density on their shoulders.

Your body is a road map, get to know it, sit with the pain, the stiffness, ask to be shown what it is, talk to it. Sending golden Emerald, violet, rainbow light to these areas will transmute the lower energy. Cutting chords with these thoughts words and actions will transmute the energy.

Those who are attached to external events are deeply aloof with their own internal Journey. Those that are aloof with external events are usually deeply attached to their own internal observations.

Both are all illusion and are polarized states of the same control drama. Those with extremely attached parents, typically become aloof ... those with extremely aloof parents, typically become attached.

Let's break these Cycles ~ take radical accountability for your own experience and be active in the transformation of the lower, letting go of your attachments and belief systems! LET'S GO ASCENSION TEAM!!! FAMILY OF LIGHT!!!!!


In eternal loving service to Mother of All Creation,

Archeia Faith


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