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The Oracle Report 09 - 27 - 2021

By: Archeia Faith

For those of us on the path, evolution is the goal, the focus, the purpose we are tasked with.

Mom has shared with me today a message for the collective and this is the importance of learning to feel Her current within and through our own vessel.

When thoughts or perceptions come into your awareness, that may cause determination in your action, practice asking through your body is this the whole truth? Or is this based in wounding / beLIEf systems?

If it is whole truth you can act and share from a place of Integrity. If it is based in, or has elements of, beLIEf systems / wounding you can then look at these transform them and then act from a place of integrity... Or continue through the remaining layers until you arrive at a place of integrity.

This is a discipline and for Evolution it is a necessary step/process.

You can feel everything within your own body. It is a complete Communication System, a complete navigation system, you yourself are a compass.

You can feel Her current of Truth through you and it is Our purpose to master this, free of ALL lower illusions, to actualize Her Will.

Discerning this True Channel of Her from lower channels is your next highest evolution. Holding no judgements or expectations as to what is highest.

This requires commitment, dedication, tenacity, prayer, ceremony, discipline and full intention to create this pure channel to Her.

Once opened your Faith in yourself, your path and Her way will be forever evolved.

Love you All Brothers and Sisters, Masters of Evolution!!

Let's get it!!!!!!!!!!


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