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The Oracle Report 09 - 21 - 2021

By: Archeia Faith

Tuesday 12:55 p.m.

Powerful releases with this full moon are cleansing the planet, asking to dive deep and reveal all truth is a guarantee of Illumination on transformation!

Surrender is the key ingredient.

There is no one size fits All definition of surrender as it means different things in different MOMents.

Surrender might mean to stop or it might mean to go! This is why your Divine discernment must be applied and this is unique to everyone based on the individual experiences and awareness you have.

The ego may be attempting to convince you that surrendering means doing nothing... whilst there will surely be moments where your action is coming from Force, obligation, expectation or other F.e.a.r based spaces the answer is not always to do nothing.

Reflection and feeling is required. Maybe some space to allow your soul to share with you Insight regarding your intention is required.

Intention is 9/10 of the Universal Law, so having an honest look at what is your motivating energy will illuminate and create catalysts and Revelations.

We must we must look at what we are still attempting to conceal, what feels threatened. Only the ego feels threatened so what feels threatened or fragile is ego or something the ego is trying to protect.

For Mother of All Creation Surrender meant getting up at 5 a.m. from 12 years old, swimming laps in the pool, praying, running a babysitting business, doing the morning broadcast address at Her school, directing plays with before school rehearsals and from 16 going to a before school part-time job by 21 She managed five McDonald's restaurants and She raised them from F level two A or B level.

Just as Mother was given the lowest and ascended it to the highest so too are we here to take the lowest to the highest, to bring joy and serenity, pure unconditional love into everything we do.

As parents, Guardians, brothers, sisters and into all our roles and activities... if it is not working make a change, make a change and experiment with different perspectives tools and applications of both with different people and situations.

You are a spiritual detective here to uncover who you truly are and how you shine and BE love!

The biggest block to this IS the global control drama that grips humanity, an illusionary sense of "struggle," a deep victimhood the people are wearing like a coat weighing them down.

Victims of covid, victims of circumstances, the agenda to disempower the population runs through all as a program that has infested our thoughts words and actions creating a Mass Hysteria and psychosis of struggle.

Complaining, comparison, blaming, control, jealousy are some of the frequencies that power victims and Saviors.

YES the polarity of victimhood is savior programming and Saviors need victims.

If you are continuously attempting to save people you are holding them hostage as a victim because those running savior program need victims.

You are only here to save yourself and all control dramas involving saving others is a distraction from your own work and deep dive through to Evolution.

No, you must liberate yourself from all sense of struggle to shine authentically and without surrender.

We surrender to love never to the ego.

From that space of shining authenticity you inspire others to rise up to their Brilliance, that consistent, functioning, excellent Warriors self.

This is the only form of TRUE healing... this is whole healing ... whole Love heals.

Listen to yourself. You are always talking to yourself listen to yourself, you are always talking to yourself.

The extremity of the energy you feel towards yourself is the extremity of the energy you put upon / project onto others.

You are always in class, are you taking notes?

Deeper connection, real love seeks the truth, fakers seek to blame. And whatever situation you find yourself in, take accountability for every bit of it and surrender to the wisdom of the experience.

Surrender is pushing beyond your comfort zone, Beyond an illusionary boundary your ego has convinced you as necessary.

You can be anyone, you can do anything, you can go anywhere.

Don't be afraid to be a catalyst, don't take yourself seriously, it's a play ... so play!

Love you all brothers and sisters of light!!!

In Eternal service and love to Mother of All Creation

Archeia Faith


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