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The Mercury Journey

By: Jennifer Hoffman

Let's look at Mercury, one of the most active planets this year and a marker of the year's events. Mercury traditionally rules Gemini and Virgo and in Gemini it rules karma, and communication, in Virgo it rules our healing cycles, soul work, and our path of spiritual initiation. It achieves its higher octaves of learning in Sagittarius (higher thought) and Pisces (congruence and divine harmony).

Mercury started the year in Capricorn, as a reminder of the 2020 Saturn/Pluto Capricorn conjunction. In 2021 it had 3 retrogrades, all in Air signs.

Its first retro was in Aquarius in late January, the 2021 energy marker with the Saturn/Uranus square from Aquarius/Taurus. In late May its second retro was in Gemini, its home sign, starting the deep 3D dis-integration that we have seen happening since that month. Aquarius is also a big marker for 2022-we where we will see a strong Saturn presence in Aquarius (no longer hindered by a Uranus square) and then Pluto going into Aquarius in 2023, not seen since 1737-1752, which ushers in a new age of enlightenment.

And on September 27 it starts its Libra retro, bringing balance to the dis-integration that has created so much chaos in the world.

Interestingly, all 3 mercury retros this year have started at 24-26 degrees of each sign. The air sign focus has been on awakening, new thought, new potentials, new ideas, and new energy (air represents energy).

At a time when we are now questioning every belief we have about the 3D paradigm, Mercury has been our silent partner and guide on this journey. This final retro in Libra is about restoring balance and equilibrium to a world sadly out of both.

But there's a twist, Libra is also the sign of 'open enemies' and that's going to be an interesting revelation over the next 2 months. Who will become a persona non grata when the mass of humanity learns the truth? The awakening has begun with the Nicki Minaj effect - she has over 250 million followers across her social media channels and they are very committed and loyal to her.

"Let justice be done though the heavens may fall"

Fiat justitia ruat caelum

although I think the 'heavens' here may be the group of elitists who think they should run and ruin everyone's lives. Will there come a day, very soon, when they will no longer be able to walk the streets? It is already happening.

Don't discount the power of Mercury which, even though it is the smallest planet, can bring about a lot of disruption in its retrogrades which are more than upsets in travel, communication, and our daily lives.

We are closing in on the final months of 2021 and we have the energy tools, information, insights, and awareness to create our own heaven on earth which is the ultimate objective of this ascension cycle. Remember it is an integration, not a takeover.

So keep your intentions high, your energy boundaries strong, and get ready for the wild ride through the rest of September and 2021 because justice will be done, Libra's glyph is the scales of justice, and Mercury's karmic retribution is swift. Mercury's opposite sign is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, which is also in Aquarius and adding a big dose of support to this Mercury retro. It's other opposite sign is Pisces (opposite of Virgo) and that's where this week's full moon is going to happen.

It's all coming full circle so don't wonder when things start happening, see them as done, that's the sign of the master, and start planning for your next steps.

Shine on, the show is about to begin and all you have to do is shine your light.

Jennifer Hoffman

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