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The Great Days of Purification have Begun.

A short but essential cycle of division that will gather those who promote fear and violence and separate them from this season of the world as chaft is separated from wheat at threshing.

During the next two and a half decades, humankind will experience this separation, a transformation in human consciousness more fundamental than the development of language, more significant than the shift to agriculture, more meaningful than any historical revolution. A new era is dawning.

As the Sun rises, the shadows become sharper and more defined. As the energies of love grow stronger, the shadows of fear become more visible than ever before. What was hidden is being revealed that it might be healed and brought to peace.

Action born of fear is becoming less effective with each passing day. Institutions, traditions, and societies forged in fear have begun to falter. Change is occurring everywhere.

The Creator asks not to be worshipped as an external image, but to be acknowledged in each human being.

You are all god beings in potential with no reason not to become god beings in reality. Trust yourself, trust your natural response to each new situation. The action arising from within your heart is not destructive. It suggests the most creative path to walk in answer to your situation. When you trust yourself you are trusting in the Wisdom that designed you. This is how you trust in the Creator.

Trust in the god that lives within you. Trust that you can respond to each situation beautifully, impeccably, individually, creatively. When you doubt your born ability to breath the air of spirit into your world and create according to divine thought you are rejecting life's most precious gift to you, your own inner knowing and are presuming to replace it with values, judgements, or opinions that are acquired secondhand.


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