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Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius


Dearest Ones we are here to say to you yet again. ALL IS WELL. You have all been through so much in the past year and many of you are feeling tired, weak, exhausted and wondering what your life is all about. You wonder when the darkness that is being shown to you, will all end and why you are even here on the Earth's plane at all. Many of you feel downhearted that your families and friends are still asleep and why you haven't been able to awaken them so to speak.

Dearest Ones never doubt that your life has been in vain. You are the STRONG ones holding the LIGHT for others to follow you. It is time NOW for you all to bathe in that LIGHT and relax knowing that you have done a good job, just by BEING the Loving, Kind, Supportive being that you are. Just because you see no evidence physically of your work does not mean to say that you have not achieved anything for much of your work has indeed been behind the scenes.

We see how much you have helped spread the LIGHT on a planet that has been very dark over the last millennia. Once the LIGHT has spread throughout the world there is no going back to darkness. Many of you have been talking to others about your beliefs, standing up for your rights and practically protesting in marches for Freedom throughout the world. We commend all of this work for this has helped much of humanity to wake up. THE TIME HAS COME NOW FOR ALL OF HUMANITY TO AWAKEN.

The 5th Dimension is not in some far off distant future, the 5th Dimension is NOW and you can all live in this state of being yourselves without waiting for others to join you. You all know this, deep within your hearts. It is time NOW to relax and just BE. The Time is NOW to stop worrying about your friends and family for they will be looked after and will follow you in their own time. The time is NOW for you to move forward to the 5th dimensional world of your own making. The time is NOW to manifest those dreams that you may have had all your life and wondered if they would ever happen. The Time is NOW for all of those dreams to come into existence. No one can stop you NOW.

Stand up to those who would try to take away your dreams. As you would stand up to a bully, stand up to those who would take away your Freedoms and they will just fall by the wayside. Their power has been taken from them and YOU are the true SOVEREIGN beings. Once you know that you are a SOVEREIGN Being, there is no going back to being under another's control again. That is the