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By: Ramona Lappin

The trumpets have sounded, announcing that the Gates to the 7 Higher Heaven's are wide open for our final ascend out of this artificial Matrix, as we are ready to wake up from the dream any moment now! The Final Event is here! I keep getting the message that we are already in The final Event stage with the 12 C-class solar flares that the sun has been continuously emitting on the 23rd, as well as a pre event wave that came in the day before the Equinox that continues to build! I am being shown that we will have The Event/ Solar Flash occuring within the next 24-72 hours approximately. This is ultimately not linear but I see that all is now ready and waiting for us to reach the Divine moment in no-time and Collective Frequency for this to unfold and that it is already happening! Any moment now, in the blink of an eye 😉

Over the past few days since the 19th in particular we have had the most powerful Krystal Cathedral Network, Diamond, Emerald Heart and Rose Grid, Stargate, Crystal Core, Human Heart Grid, DNA and Diamond Plasma Rainbow Lightbody's Activations taking place! This full moon was very different too as the lunar distortions have been cleared and healed and the old artificial technologies are taken offline and dissolved, no longer is the moon being used for further mind control purposes! I hope everyone can feel this most tangible Quantum Reality Shift happening!

As shared previously, I am being shown that The Event/ Flash will trigger a Collective Awakening and re-membering which is returning our true memories as well as activating the New Crystalline Diamond Grid System and Realities as our higher Multidimensional DNA strands come fully online. People will know what happened and who did what to them. All will remember the Truth again that is already arising rapidly from within us now! This is the shift from Polarity to Unity Consciousness where people will feel one another's thoughts and feelings and will not want to hurt one another as we will truly understand the meaning that when we hurt another person we are only hurting ourselves. The Law of One embodied and known through our very own DNA and Multidimensional Self coming fully online. Remembering ourselves as God Source and part of the ONEness with all of life everywhere. It will purify and fully Reset the Collective Consciousness and Realities, as if waking up from a bad dream.

For days we have Trinity Christ Codes, Ascension, Bliss, Freedom, Abundance, Divine Union/ Love Edenic Paradisian Keys and Codes flooding in and unlocking! We have had a most profound shift in Realities over night (23-24th) which continues to unfold as ALL artificial Timelines and Realities are completing their quantum collapse. Those of negative alliance are simply disappearing because as we shift from the false artificial Timeline we were on, to the One True Organic Ascension Reality, these characters and whole Consciousness bands simply dissolve and disappear. This is Quantum Timeline mechanic's. As we change the past (in) the present, we also change the future (now)!

I barely feel part of this Reality anymore, all feels very dreamy with a high release of natural DMT and our higher Multidimensional DNA strands activating. I am simultaneously feeling the depth of the ongoing Purification and had to be very present with things in my own life this past week to resolve them from deep within as well as with those around me. I've been heavily focusing since the 222222 on the Gate and Gridwork and working with our DNA as I always work with the Collective Templates and Blueprints. This is where I have had to put all of my energy and focus on getting the job done and let any worries and fears about how I may receive/ earn money or finally be able to afford a home, go. Just FULL surrender and trust in my inner guidance and KNOWing I am carried from one now moment to the next. No-thing to control, just flow and believe, faith and trust beyond all 3D programming.

We are being asked to fully commit to our journey and surrender all that we are to Source at the same time! Because ALL unlocks from deep within us now!

We are also receiving some super powerful Activations and Purification energies streaming through us for days now as our THIRD EYES and 💎HEARTS ARE BEING BLASTED WIDE OPEN! Sinuses are affected and mucus is clearing as well as any other remaining distortions and energetic blocks within the body and morphogenetic field. You may feel extra tired, irritable, body aches and pains, mental, emotional and physical clearings, skin outbreak's, headaches, ear pressure/ high pitched sounds, teeth sensitivity, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, anxiety, depression, stomach/ digestive issues etc. We have had days of Diamond White Platinum, Aqua Ray and Rainbow plasma waves washing all remaining density off our and the Planetary body and Grids, healing the inversions, reversals and trauma at cellular level, as well as activating especially our DNA and Plasma Lightbody's.

I recommend being as much in body/ embodied as possible through things like being in nature and less online, get a massage, meditating, practising mindfulness, really treat your body and yourself well and truly detach from the distractions of the old Realities collapsing so this can finalize swiftly now. Plenty of good quality water (with lemon and pH high if possible) and rest are recommended to allow for the DNA and Diamond Rainbow Plasma ightbody Activations to unfold with as much ease and grace as possible. They can cause quite a bit of body aches. Extra vitamins and supplements may also assist as well as essential oils and foot/ salt baths.

As Solaris is powering up with these ongoing C-class flares, we also have some raised Schuhmann Resonance levels on and off and are still very much in the Equinox Portal. We had a powerful Proton storm on the 21st from a non earth facing CME and we may experience an ongoing geomagnetic storm situation from a coronal hole that could send high speed solar winds to earth for days! Earth's magnetosphere continues to get blasted, wobble and weaken. There was also the most powerful Reality reset to date reflected in a Schuhmann Resonance blackout on the 16th. That day as well as the day before were beyond super intense with massive Heart clearings and healings as well as Ascension/ bifurcation madness being experienced and transcended by a group of us. The risk of mass psychological fall out has been negated by some of us as we take on the bulk part of the clearings, alchemisation, transmutation, reconciliation and elevation of the One Consciousness and Planetary healing work. Sending a BIG HUG and gratitude to those shifting these mountains of insanity and shit with me, not to mention our vast Galactic, Angelic, Guardian and support from Source and the Cosmic Mother. During that week some of us navigated the healing of the core fragmentations, separation, inversions and reversals within the One Consciousness as well as the mass psychosis. This all commenced with massive Heart Activations and third eye Openings on the 17th! Now all is set for ALL TO RE-MEMBER THEIR TRUE SELF & OUR TRUE HISTORY AGAIN!!

This is also a reminder that our true Superpower is helping trigger the shift in Consciousness by us BEING THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world as EVERYTHING IS THIS! What we do for ourselves always has a massive impact on the Collective, especially when we do it consciously. When we break through old habits, programming, healing our trauma, cut karmic ties and cords etc. It is truly a case of us healing ourselves is what assists the healing of ALL. We are creating the new Templates as we do the sacred inner work and the deeper we dare to go the higher we truly rise! We hold the Cosmic Ascension Blueprints, keys and codes.

As we shift from deep within, this is what then shifts our and the Collective realities, all from the inside out! That's why going within and being very present with everything presenting itself right now is super important, so we can quickly resolve any remaining inner and outer conflicts and separation energies still held within. When we can see everyone and everything as an extension of us and the One and every trigger, conflict and judgement as an opportunity to integrate another Multidimensional aspect of us, to come to DIVINE UNION Within, which IS ASCENSION! That's what is available now and being fully anchored and embodied by the Ascension Forerunners now on behalf of ALL!!

Manifestations are super heightened and accelerated now and the clearer our fields are, as the interference fully lifts now, the more powerful we become! As our DNA activates so does the One True Organic Ascension Reality, already firmly locked in and available NOW! It's all online and waiting for us to activate along with our Multidimensional DNA strands. All a Divine Co-creation and Orchestration with Source as One. Please keep re-membering your responsibility and God given Power of Co-creation with every word, thought, belief, feeling and action you take and




It's all available now in NO-TIME. All you have to do is to fully align yourself with this version of you. With your every word, thought, belief, feeling and action you take. Visualize and FEEL yourself in your liquid light form, turning from carbon to Crystalline, using your Superpowers, travelling in your Aurora Orb body and chariot of light! All becomes available and accessible from within us BEing THE ONE. Merging and becoming ONE WITH ALL THAT IS. That is also what Ascension is all about. Our unification with Source.

We have been busy deprogramming and disconnecting from the AI Net, hive mind and mind control machinery at Collective level. All phantom matrix creations are being fully dissolved and the programming deleted and replaced/ overwritten. We are finalizing the clearing of all remaining dark portals and vortexes, artificial wormholes, masonic and dark lodges, grids, gates, sites, black goo, negative alien technology and machinery, black magic, spells, sorcery, curses hexes, seals, etc. Clearing all remain artificial/ phantom Realities/ Timelines, programming, holographic inserts, implants, AI materials and signals, reversals, inversions, distorted polarities, gender split, false projections and veils. Clearing any remaining karmic load and contracts. Remember that the aim is always to find reconciliation of the One Consciousness. All of our stories are serving a great/er purpose and once the lessons have been truly learned and integrated we THEN get to fully let go of them, along with the old Realities now.

I can truly feel myself turning into a Diamond with these powerful DNA and Crystalline Network Activations happening, as we're simultaneously clearing the old false data and activating our True Self and re-membering. All that remains to be resolved and healed is very much in our face and as we heal ourselves and resolve these topics within the Consciousness to come to resolution, we also do this for the Collective. This is much bigger than just our own stories. They all serve a great and important purpose! Once integrated, we get to transcend them fully as we get to write all new scripts now, no longer based on past trauma imprints that are now fully quantum healing. These last few week's have been beyond testing our faith and endurance, our hearts and minds. I've felt pushed beyond the edges of my own being. I felt like I was fragmenting into thousands of pieces and then merging all back together again.

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