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The Event

What is the Event? The Event could possibly be the most important event to occur in humanity's evolution to date and could possibly occur in our very near future. If you're coming from a biblical perspective some call this the Rapture. The Event is a quantum shift in our consciousness that will affect every one of us in profound ways. Currently, every person is/has been going through an Ascension process whether you're aware of it or not. You are going through it on an individual level and we're going through it collectively also. This Ascension process is made up of many multi-layered, gradual experiences all to prepare us for this final event that could soon erupt in a single powerful event that would bring to an end of humanity's long, long history and usher in a new beginning.

This Event is said to occur every 26,000 years. Which coincides with the change of Ages. We're coincidentally transitioning from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius. It is said to be a sudden galactic pulse, a solar event that will change the frequency that humanity vibrates at. A higher frequency will bring in a broader spectrum of reality meaning higher insight, wisdom, knowledge, psychic abilities, and incredible awareness. This Event will release an extremely blinding light coming from our Central Sun which in our past has triggered a quantum leap in our spiritual evolution every time it has occurred. This solar pulse event will start the process of transforming matter, energy, consciousness, and biological life as we know it.

I believe right after this event occurs there will be much of humanity confused and fearful of trying to understand what has just happened. I believe this is when the Benevolent forces will take over all communication and global airwaves and begin the release of disclosure to the human population. They will release information on our Secret Space Programs, the Cabal's inhumane crimes against humanity, etc. I also believe there will be videos of testimony that will be shown to the human population on just how we have been controlled thru Satan's Agenda. Will this be the time for those mass arrests? I personally believe the mass arrests will happen before the solar event. Is this what we're currently being prepared for?

These arrests will occur for those in the United States congress on both sides. We will be assured that these criminals will never be in positions of power again. If you've been paying attention you can see the moves that are being made.

In the meantime, when this is taking place, there will be another monumental transformation involving the global currency reset. Some call it GESARA/NESARA. There are people that believe this monetary reset is of the New World Order and yes they also want a reset that brings in a socialistic agenda which ultimately means more oppression, control, and tyranny. Remember, we are seeing a conflict between a satanic dark agenda and a light-based liberation agenda. The light-based agenda wants a reset that brings sustainable governance that will benefit every human being on the planet towards freedom and liberation. Our total global economy will be brought back to the gold standard instead of the fictional Fiat system that only benefits the Dark.

Suppressed technologies will be implemented. Free energy technologies will be gradually released to the public. Many suppressed technologies from the Cabal's Secret Space Programs will also be released to the public. The natural abundance of the planet will be distributed to everybody and our ecosystem will be restored. Also, in time as Earth recalibrates itself to its original created frequency all healing will begin physically and psychologically. Humanity's aging process will slow down incredibly. The removal of these Archons in those higher-dimensional planes that are currently playing out will dissolve any relationship they have in this transformation. War will be a thing of the past.

In my opinion, some will make the transformation to the 5D experience and many will remain on their Ascension path and continue their experience in a 3D matter world. Many will experience their Claire's being activated such as telepathy and clairvoyance. Many believe first contact will happen soon. We are told this will happen when enough humans are comfortable with the fact of extraterrestrial existence and acknowledge their role in our history. These Benevolent Galactic civilizations that have assisted us throughout our entire existence who are front and center, behind the scenes, with the current situation going on will reveal themselves in an event named First Contact.

Eventually, the human race will be accepted into the Galactic Federations this is the plan. Again, everyone will not make this shift and as you can see not only in the United States but around the globe many just are not ready. Many are still stuck in the old structure and are fighting like hell to stay there. Change is incredibly hard for many like the saying goes... "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." Any species that remains stagnant no longer continues to exist. These higher frequencies are being accepted by many and will have an easier time but everyone who resists will pay their Piper. Upon death, those who resist this monumental frequency activation will continue their soul evolution on a planet in which they resonate. No one gets a free pass down here because what's happening is just too important. This is just the beginning of a higher vibrational existence. This is the beginning of a healed planet physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

The Event will be that boost that will usher in a broader reality and we are now being prepped for it. The Light Alliance is in control and watching and waiting with excitement and optimism to see how the human race will pull this off. So many ask and are wondering when this event will happen. I believe there are many factors and a huge one is Earth's astrological alignment. Also, the readiness of the new systems to be put in place and the deep and true transformation of humanity's role. I also believe before the Event can truly be operational the Light forces need to be in total control. The Archon Network needs to be completely eliminated. It's also necessary that the energetic grid circling our planet that's kept us in quarantine be completely dismantled.

Liberation will come to humanity via the fall of the Archons who exist on the inner planes who have controlled humanity for eons through the karmic process, implants, and AI technologies that have been impeding humanity's spiritual evolution. The Event will happen it is written in the stars, many ancient texts, and in biblical scripture because everything that's happening today has happened before and it all connects off-world.


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