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The Energies of June 2022 ~ A Harmonic Passage

By: Natalia Alba


Beloved Ones,

As we enter into this new energetic month of June, we too feel the comfort, and peace that comes with this new harmonic phase. A month of calmness after the intensity of the eclipses, as we are in a break until October when we will welcome the second wave. Energies that many will begin to feel now more than ever, as they will be immersed in a personal phase of releasing more old layers of their old self. A period in which decay and desperation can take over us if we do not allow this change to be properly embodied, supporting our bodies in this process.

For others, we are all on different paths of our evolutionary journey, this will be a time of manifestation, blossoming, and rejuvenation. As always, we should not compare ourselves with others, for we all pass through many different stages of our ascension journey until we realign and are able to remain more stable and balanced, even in the midst of our personal challenges.

We end and begin June with a New Moon at 9 degrees Gemini together with the second Saturn semi-sextile Neptune on the next day. Energies that remind us of the importance of reconnecting with our true essence through the power of joy, as this is the energy that Guides invite us to hold if we desire to connect with all we wish to bring into fruition, as well as to feel in a more peaceful state of being.

This is a month of balance and restoration, as the 6/6/6 portal will remind us, for stabilization after the intensity of all we have previously integrated, is pivotal. June comes with harmonic energies for those who are ready, and willing, to align with the new earth's future timeline, one of profound love, compassion, and peace, that only we can anchor by mirroring this same frequency within ourselves.

A passage that reinforces the essence of this 6 universal year, in which our main mission is to help anchor the New Earth's fifth-dimensional future timelines, something that begins from the inside, and that continues by helping to restore the many stargates that need to be realigned, for where we are heading is not a controlled space where we remain isolated, as it has been happening in our 3D earth timeline.

June is a 3 universal month. Number 3 is exactly the integration of polarities, the creative result of unifying opposites, and the outcome that appears of a deep union that creates something that will benefit All. This is something that must occur first at an inner level, and what we all are birthing - our new illumined crystalline self.

Number 3 is the number of joy, harmony after achieving unity, creativity, intuition, and also the number of growth, as the result of the union between two equals. Number 3 is the essence that invites us to connect with the feminine power within and begin to create from this same inner space what the masculine will bring into the tangible. This is the expression of our soul in the physical in constructive and stable ways.

In the Tarot, the number 3 is represented by the archetype of the Empress. The empress represents the empowered feminine presence within us, the one who constantly creates and expands from within, for she knows no lack or disallows illusions to cover the Truth. She lives in love with herself and All for She knows that everything is One with her, and it is from this unified, and harmonic, space that abundance and anything she needs is manifested.

This is what we are invited to do at this time, to move inward, from where all creations are birthed. A time to remember the authentic feminine archetype, going inward to nourish ourselves, before we can bring this same nurturance and care to others. June is a month for us to come back into our inner womb, remaining there for rejuvenation, before we step into another intense wave of constant integration.

Astrological Alignments

We begin June influenced yet by the New Moon in Gemini together with many other planetary forces that join this Moon and that make it a wonderful opportunity for personal realignment and transformation. For those who believe in Mercury retrograde phases, they will too feel, for they have created it in their personal reality, the ease of Mercury direct again on June 3. However, on the next day Saturn, the Taskmaker, will retrograde, as well as Neptune doing the same at the end of the month.

It is important to allow our guidance to be the only one ruling our reality as if we are ready to really discern, our soul will always send us the wisdom we need to understand that there is nothing ever retrograde. If we focus on retrogrades, we are always going to believe that there will be something delaying our manifestations, communications, etc. for there is often retrogrades, in astrology, which are just illusions from our human perspective.

This is why it is so important to choose and know what personal frequency we desire to dwell, and remain there no matter the many outer distractions, or we will be allowing other forces and people's ideas to rule our reality.

This is a great period for resting, rejuvenating, and clearing, especially for those who are seeing their entire being and personal reality collapsing, shifting, in an accelerated way, and need time to ponder, reset and recover from the many energies and challenges that are coming to help them grow and evolve.

On June 13th, Mercury enters Gemini, at exactly 0 Gemini 00'. This is a total mental reset of all we previously hold into our mental bodies and that we have realized now did not serve anymore in our human experience, for where we are heading - a more harmonic reality - we cannot carry anything that continues limiting ourselves, and our new chosen personal experiences.

The next day, on June 14, we have a Full Moon at 23 Sagittarius. This Moon comes to remind us of the importance of joy, being enthusiastic about our soul desires, and above all, expanding into new horizons, as our human journey was never meant to be a limited and fixed one, but a wonderful sovereign free experience for us to grow, expand and create, for this is how we too evolve and learn, by constantly being open to change, and conquer new horizons.

This is a time for us to resurrect from the depths of our being, after a time of retrospection and inner work, and begin to accept new challenges, for the unknown is only such, if we never have the courage to step into it and discover new paths.

On June 20, we have the Sun entering in loving Cancer together with the Summer Solstice for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice for those residing in the Southern one. With the Sun in Cancer, we have the opportunity to connect with the aspect of us that feels at Home with All, and that reminds us that wherever we are at is Home, for we belong to the entire Universe.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to work on our intuitive senses, and hence, our silver - feminine - aspect, as well as to grow in maturity and heal our emotional body, especially of the delusion of wanting to always live in the ethereal.

A period for us to work with our sense of protection, familiar issues that are still unhealed as well as our sense of belonging to Earth. A time for us to become our own caretakers, remembering that if we are not aligned with our Soul and take the time to release and heal first, we could not be of any assistance to others.

It is indeed a very nurturing and loving month for us to focus on the importance of taking care of ourselves and our bodies, as the main foundation not just for ascension, but for us to be balanced and be able to give, from a full space of love, not one of neediness.

Two days later, on June 22 Venus enters Gemini. When the Planet of Love is in Gemini, it is the perfect energy for us to focus on learning, acquiring knowledge, and everything that makes us grow and evolve in the tangible. Not only there is the love for others or life in itself, but for sharing who we are, our personal truth, and the wisdom that we, uniquely, descend and are eager to share with others.

This is a stage in which many are hungry for knowledge, wishing to know more about their inner awakening process and what is taking place within themselves. As ascending souls who have already passed through the initial stages of our evolutionary journey, now is a time to express ourselves and put our hearts out there for the purpose of selfless assistance, for all the personal experiences we leave, in our unique way, we too help others in their initial steps towards becoming sovereign beings.

On June 25 Jupiter semi-square True Node. This is a very powerful aspect for those who are ready to move forward and leave behind an old cycle. Jupiter which is a very spiritual, philosophical, and expansive planet, in the true node, reminds us of the importance of being fully focused on the present, as it is the only way in which we can build what we call the future.

Being present, focusing our energy, intention, and visions on this moment is what creates the next moment. This is a time for inner expansion, for all we see in the physical begins by receiving a soul vision that we fertilize on the inside.

At the end of the month, on June 28, we have two important planetary alignments, the first one Neptune Retrograde, and secondly a New Moon in Cancer. Neptune's Essence is always going to be there in the same way, for us to tune into it, when we are guided to commune with our soul, expand into our feelings, and intuitive visions and work with our higher senses, independently of the illusion we have of it being retrograde or not.

The New Moon at 7 Cancer invites us to focus on our emotions, as after all, we are no longer the same as we were a few months ago. Each integration is a new personal shift, and we are no longer the same. An invitation to be in contact with our feelings, for this month is one for us to dedicate the proper care that our bodies need, stabilizing them and preparing them for what is coming next, for what is about to come.

The essence of this month is one for inner retrospection as the only way for self- illumination, healing, and restoration, whether Planets appear to be retrograde or not, for the frequency of a month goes beyond our limited human perspective and illusions, as there are, always, many forces we cannot really know or envision, with our physical eyes.

This is a month that brings us a wonderful gift for restoration. We have harmonic energies helping us nourish our bodies, regain strength, and a new sense of direction, for us to continue the journey that began a few months ago. A month for us to remember that it is not about reaching the peak, but about discovering the wonders of our human journey, while we are still in a human body.

Have a blessed and harmonic June, Beloveds.

Within Infinite love,

Natalia Alba


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