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The Awakened Man!

Shout Out to all the men out their , who are actually in touch with their emotions, feelings and intuition. Vulnerability takes so much more courage after been cold and distant especially now that we are transcending the ways of the old telling us that it’s not ok to cry or show emotions as if it was some kind of disease .

Surprising Emotions only leads to Sadness, Anger Explosive Behaviour Violence and Unhappiness..

We are all Emotional Beings-

It’s ok to feel.,❤️

💫 🙏🏻༺꧁💛꧂༻🙏🏻💫

The Awakened Man is taking off his armour in order to communicate his feelings and understand the value of his own emotions.

He is conscious of the separation that has existed between the mind and the heart and is listening to his inner voice.

He is aware of the illusions of ego

and chooses to live authentically, always accountable for his actions.

The awakened man is comfortable with his own vulnerability, choosing to be sensitive and compassionate without sacrificing his strength.

He is spiritual without the need to be religious and does not judge someone for having a different view to what he holds true.

He genuinely cares for humanity and has a close connection to all of nature.

The awakened man celebrates woman as equal partners and is deeply sorrowful for how she has been mistreated and dominated by males throughout the ages.

He passionately loves the woman’s feminine energy and lavishes adoration upon her for the goddess she is.

He is conscious of his own masculinity and the qualities that an evolved woman is looking for.

If you keep your eyes open, you’ll see more and more awakened men discovering their true self and becoming the heart-centered masculine beings that they were always meant to be.

Creator and Author.

Mike Harrigan.

I Am.

You Are.

We Are.


Global Consciousness..

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