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As we navigate the final week of the “old age” and cross the threshold into the Age of Aquarius this weekend, so much energy is both being released + anchoring into the Planet. On the New Moon in Capricorn 1/11, we began our monthly Etheric Surgery Seminar where we were focused on releasing ALL baggage from the past 15 years of this Pluto in Capricorn transit. We also specifically were healing and dissolving the enslavement template. As I have been sharing, the Dark has kept Humanity enslaved through so many different forms of manipulation. This year, 2024, being the year of the Dragons as well as the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the Dragon Collectives have been called in by Prime Source Creator to oversee and lead the Ascension events this year.

The Dragons carry very special and important codes for Humanity, as many of the 144,000 carry the Dragon Codes as well. The Dragon Codes represent Freedom, Truth, Authenticity, + Transmutation. As we activate these codes within ourselves, we begin to override the enslavement codes that were artificially placed into Humanity’s consciousness. Some of the energies associated with the enslavement codes/chips were:







These codes manipulated us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to stay in fear frequencies and to disconnect from our inherent God with God Selves. We unconsciously have given our power away to those who have no inherent power. The Dark can ONLY siphon and steal our power, but they do not have any on their own. These enslavement codes became so deeply ingrained within Humanity they formed an enslavement template, which was passed down through every generation. This manifested externally as structures and systems of control, expectations, rules, and authority.

This year, we as a Humanity are reclaiming our Sovereignty and we are returning to our true Sovereignty Templates/Crystalline Templates. This is activating our innate empowerment and God Selves. Our co-creator powers are now returning to us, and our natural state of love, peace, unity, joy, and creativity is also returning to us. There will be no more lack, fear, shame or guilt on Planet Earth. This is the key to inheriting our true abundance, our birthright from Source.

I have personally received the download that there are 13 Dragon Collectives, each carrying unique coding. Many of the 144,000 also carry these unique codings and by activating these, we are also assisting in activating the Sovereignty energies in all of Humanity. Inspiring them to finally wake up, take their power back, and begin their journey back to the Light. The 13 Dragon Collectives are all serving in different roles and are here to assist us in all ways. They each have unique gifts and skills with transmuting density, toxins, and lower energies, as well as healing + activating energies.

On January 20th, 2024 Pluto + the Sun will both enter Aquarius together, opening up the Aquarian Stargate. Aquarius is known as the Water Bearer, even though it is an air sign. The representation is that of unity consciousness and the pouring out of truth + transparency. We have no idea what this will look like, but this is an incredible moment in Creation’s History that we are all a part of. The alignment with the Aquarian Stargate will release the Aquarian Codes to Humanity:

-Evolutionary Leap Codes

-Unity Consciousness


-Freedom + Sovereignty


-Collaboration + Co Creation


On the opening of this Aquarian Stargate, January 20th, we will be hosting our monthly Angel Chip Activation Seminar. During these seminars we activate all of our God DNA, which carries both our earthly and cosmic lineages and codings. We are all unique in our blueprints and codes that we carry, each of us divine piece of art. Our Higher Selves are very multidimensional, and by intending and activating all aspects of our Higher Self essence, we also assist with activating Humanity as well. This is assisting with the anchoring of the New Earth.

This month, we will be activating all of the Angel Chips for each participant, but we will also be activating for the first time, the Dragon Codes. For those that resonate with carrying these codes, we will be activating our unique Dragon connections and I will be sharing my personal downloads from each of the Dragon Collectives and their purpose/gifts. For those that feel a strong connection to the various Dragon Collectives, you will be playing a major role this year in embodying the energies of truth, love, freedom and authenticity.

We will also be connecting to the Aquarian Stargate and

Anchoring in the Aquarian Codes for the Planet! As a whole, these Aquarian codes will activate alot of divine inspiration and blueprints for the building of New Earth. Many will be receiving downloads as to their role in this transition process.

The Angel Chips are the dormant key codes that lie within our God DNA, activating our ancient remembrances, gifts, + cosmic lineages. The following Angel Chips will be activated for all Key Holders:

*Archangel Chips

*Master Chips

*Elohim Chips

*Advanced Elohim Chips

*Agarthan Chips

*Elemental Chips

*Guardian Chips

*Knights of Templar/Sisterhood of the Rose Chips

*Bird Tribe Chips

*Wingmaker Chips

*Figure 8 Rainbow Chips

*Star of David/Balanced Harmonics Chips

*GFOL Chips

*Pleiadian Chips

*Arcturian Chips

*Sovereignty Chips

*Blue Star Chips

*Lumerian Chips

*Aquamarine Chips

*Holy Grail Chips

*Dragon Key Codes

For those who wish to participate in the Angel Chip Activation process, we will be hosting a group Activation Seminar on January 20th @ 4 PM ESt.

This will be a two-part Seminar with both pre + post activations.



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