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The Age of Aquarius

Currently, the cosmic energies are wild, volatile, and very interesting. We have left behind the last 15 years which held heavy Earth and Water energies. As we moved through deep physical and emotional density, we were in a constant process of breaking down barriers while also learning how to soften. We were purging, releasing, and moving through mud but we did it! We successfully mastered our physical and emotional bodies to prepare us for the integration of the HIGH levels of light, love and consciousness that would be pouring into our planet in 2024. This year is a Solar Maximum Year in which we will be experiencing more Solar Flares, Cosmic Storms, + the flipping of the Sun's magnetic Poles, which last occurred in 2013.


Last month, upon Pluto + the Sun's entrance through the Aquarian Stargate, we began the Angel Chip Activation to begin activating our God DNA and also our Dragon Codes. Many across the planet who held the dragon codes helped assist with the anchoring of the Dragon energy, which is a big focus this year, as the Dragons are masters of transmuting fear, negativity, and also help guide into mastery and sovereignty, abundance and power. 


The Dragons carry very special and important codes for Humanity, as many of the 144,000 carry the Dragon Codes as well. The Dragon Codes represent Freedom, Truth, Authenticity, + Transmutation. As we activate these codes within ourselves, we begin to override the enslavement codes that were artificially placed into Humanity’s consciousness. Some of the energies associated with the enslavement codes/chips were: 








This month, we’ve been experiencing an intense increase in the Air energies of Aquarius as Pluto, the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus are all currently stationed in the sign of Aquarius. We have now truly begun our next journey of mastery, which is to master our thoughts and mental body. Our thoughts, visions and beliefs create reality and we are now rising into our God Selves and reclaiming our natural creator powers, to begin manifesting the vision of the New Earth. We have now become a frequency match through all of the hard work and spiritual mastery we have all shown. 


As we move into a paradigm now dominated by the element of Air, we shift from physical + emotional ascension work, to mental body and spiritual body work. This is the age of effortlessness, as we know innately we are capable of creating worlds simply through our thoughts, dreams, intent, imagination, and authenticity. We are the dreamers and the Co-Creators. The Aquarian Stargate has released so many new codes for us to activate to bring us into this Golden Age. Everything will be filled with new, fresh and innovative inspiration. 


Aquarius rules the airwaves, the spread of truth and information, and also technology. We are the most divinely intelligence beings and we are made of magic. All of us now are able to create and accelerate the ascension events through just BEing our true selves, embodying the God Self. 


On February 16th, we will officially have NO planets in Capricorn, which has not occurred for 16 years. The old paradigm, represented by the shadow Capricorn, has not completely come to a close. The OFFICIAL dawning of the Age of Aquarius will now begin this week. We will begin to see the rapid dissolution of the old world, as we bring the new world into form.




This month, as the Sun enters Pisces, we will be hosting this months Angel Chip Activation Seminar on February 18th. We will be activating each participants God DNA and unique cosmic coding, which also helps to activate Humanity’s consciousness as well. Those of us who are leading this ascension will be the first to claim our powers… to be the living and breathing examples of God, magic, miracles and divine intelligence. 


Each participant will be activating their unique coding and divine blueprint, we will also continue with the newly activated Dragon Codes, as well as the new Healing Codes that have come through this month. The Galactics have shared that many amongst Humanity carry innate gifts around physical, emotional, mental + spiritual healing. These gifts and codes will be essential this year as Humanity goes through the process of awakening. Many are also carrying codes regarding 5D and Crystal technology. The Arcturians specially are ready to connect with those carrying these codes to begin the downloads of bringing 5D/Crystal/Quantum technology into manifest. 


Along with Dragons, the fairy’s and unicorns have also been very present this month, and are stepping forward in assisting with these activations for us all. They are all working extensively across the Planet to help clear fear and density from our consciousness and from Mother Earth herself. 


The Angel Chips are the dormant key codes that lie within our God DNA, activating our ancient remembrances, gifts, + cosmic lineages. The following Angel Chips will be activated for all Key Holders:


*Archangel Chips

*Master Chips

*Elohim Chips

*Advanced Elohim Chips

*Agarthan Chips

*Elemental Chips

*Guardian Chips

*Knights of Templar/Sisterhood of the Rose Chips

*Bird Tribe Chips

*Wingmaker Chips

*Figure 8 Rainbow Chips

*Star of David/Balanced Harmonics Chips

*GFOL Chips

*Pleiadian Chips

*Arcturian Chips

*Sovereignty Chips

*Blue Star Chips

*Lumerian Chips

*Aquamarine Chips 

*Holy Grail Chips

*Dragon Key Codes

*Healer Key Codes


For those who wish to participate in the Angel Chip Activation process, we will be hosting a group Activation Seminar on February 18th @ 4 PM ESt.


This will be a two-part Seminar with both pre + post activations. 


This is a live Zoom Seminar in which we will guide all participants through the Angel Chip Activation Process + share guidance and insight on further integrations + embodiment. 



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