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The 22.10.22 Portal Energies

Powerful Portal Day 22.10.22 As you can see and most likely feel today is standing in the powerful energies of the master number 22 twice. This day and number is a powerful feminine energy. 2 is all about our true origin, the birthing creator represented by Mother Earth. It is about abundant nourishing and nurturing in pure self love. The master  Number 22 comes with the deepest creator energy, your energy, a love as deep as a mother has to her newborn,  patient forgiving compassionate and graceful. Especially the feminine energies within us all - men or women - are able to find such a pure connection to prime source today, that high States of joy bliss and overflowing gratitude are being felt today. A big step to experience this is 22's energy of full surrender to love. The harmony instreaming today can crash any resistance to your surrender to unconditional love and allows us to deeply sink into the sanctuary of our own heart space Only you can allow yourself to fall head over heal in love with all there is! With your surrender and coming home into your heart you allow all old belief systems to crumble. Now, breathe in the Emerald green and Violet purple waves of light that are all around us today and focus on the highest feelings of love, harmony, peace and mercy that are with us today. 22.10.22 is a magical portal day that is here for YOU, your soul growth and ascension. 10 the number of October represents our higher self embodiment, our greatest, grandest, most true, authentic and divine self; which is our divine original blueprint. Collect yourself with every breath In, collect all your soul fragments back into the heart, center yourself within and breathe out anything that does not serve you anymore. Every atom of lower vibration command out, so you can receive the purest highest instreaming light. Let go and receive. Today you are a 10 surrounded left and right by master number 22, surrounded by divine balance and harmony. Many say today is a twin flame portal but truly this is about your inner merging and aligning of your heart, soul and body. Today is a day of Sacred Union within. The divine inner masculine lays down the weapons of argument and conflict. The divine feminine surrenders all doubt, control and worry to the most high. And so, our divine inner child can feel protected, secure and safe. The fight  and flight mentality is released. Only when we allow ourselves to heal internally, with reflection and self love, we can be able to attract such externally. The inner Sacred Union of our feminine and masculine energy is a finding back into Balanced Harmonics, where we released all stress, all internal control drama, all ego frequencies and embrace this balanced harmony. Being responsible and accountable to grow into our full eternal potential. Embrace the merciful, graceful, unconditional loving, abundant nurture from your inner Mother. Feel the support, the will to surrender, the love in action toward becoming your grandest version from your inner Father. Feel at home in your heart and become a child once again. You are a child, loved and created by the most high. Free to play, laugh, live and love. Free to dream all dreams of love into existence. Free to stand up for whole truth without shame. Free to sing your unique melody, tuning into a divine composition of balanced harmonics. Free to be fully worthy of ALL LOVE IS! Happy Portal Day!


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