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The 144,000 Lightworkers & Lightwarriors were mentioned in the book of Revelation, on the Esmeralda tablets, by the Ashtar Command, Native Americans and many others.

A great call was sent to all lightworkers in the known universes to come here to help and guide this planet through the process of Ascension. They are one of the most mysterious groups mentioned in the Bible.

But who are the 144,000?

The Book of Revelation & the Emerald tablets predicted the arrival of 144,000 Lightworkers who will save Earth from the "Dark Forces" during the Kali Yuga END OF TIME.

Most of the 144,000 Lightworkers are now here & in the process of "Awakening" for their Divine purpose and mission on Earth. (FYI: most of these starseeds incarnated from more evolved planets, although some of the 144,000 are advanced native souls of Earth.)

Ashtar Command:

The Ashtar Command predicted that those who ascend on the first wave would have the opportunity to return to Earth in an ascended state, to awaken the rest of humanity to the opportunity for ascension.

The book of Enoch supports this prediction by speaking of the sudden appearance of 144,000 Ascended Masters on Earth, who will transform the world & reject clouds of darkness & despair.

Native Americans:

The appearance of 144,000 teachers is also predicted in Native American prophecies. In April 1983, the master of medicine, Harley Swiftdeer, declared that 144,000 enlightened masters of the Dance of the Sun would awaken fully in the body of their dreams.

They will begin to gather in their own feathered snakes or winged serpent wheels (Merkabah) & will become a great force of light to help the rest of humanity to dance their waking dreams.

Book of Revelations:

This would also provide an explanation for the 144,000 mentioned in the book of Revelation. Revelation chapter 7 refers to countless numbers of each nation dressed in what John regarded as a white robe.

This could have been his perception of the light bodies that adorn the crowd, following the trail of 144,000, to ascend the 2nd & 3rd waves of ascension.

John also said that these were the ones who were purified in the time of great distress, a 7-year period of great tribulation. [2017-2024]

This would correspond to the natural disasters that were predicted as necessary for the Earth to purify itself from industrial civilization & pollution before its own ascent.

Kali Yuga:

Earth takes a 360-degree journey through the galaxy every 25,920 years. Each complete cycle is known as Yuga. There are 4 parts to Yuga. 2 parts (180 degrees) of ascending consciousness & two parts (180 degrees) of descending consciousness.

This cyclical rise & fall of consciousness on Earth has been occurring since its creation, & this explains the rise & fall of the great civilizations on Earth. The Kali Yuga is the last quadrant of the descending consciousness within the Yuga.

The Earth is now on the edge of the Kali Yuga. The biblical name for Kali Yuga is ‘the end of time’. The end of time will not be the end of the Earth, but the end of darkness & evil on Earth, & the dawn of the 7th Golden Age of Enlightenment.


Most of the 144,000 are now in the process of "Awakening", coming out of their long mental & spiritual hibernation, realizing that they are here to assist in the great transformation of the Earth.

Cellular memories of the 144,000 were planned, timed & activated at this time & to awaken to their true identity, mission & purpose to incarnate on Earth at this crucial time in Earth's history.

We arrived & entered the 11th hour of the Great Change taking place on Earth, & it was time for each & every one of the remaining 144,000 to wipe the dream of half-life from their eyes, hit their foreheads & undo the dream of materialism. Wake up & dedicate yourself to the titanic task of saving this planet!

The asleep masses of the Earth will not save the planet. Only the 144,000 Lightworkers can save the planet. But ALL 144,000 Lightworkers MUST take their place & take it now.

The time for confusion, hesitation & procrastination is over! There is a planet to save & we are the ones who signed up to save it.


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