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Testimonial~Thanks For Saving Us

By Gwen Kaiser

It was the spring of 2011 when I first got Mother God’s ping. I somehow stumbled upon a recorded video of Mother God’s transmission, in a robo voice. I have no clue who made it, and how I found it. But when I heard the words in that video I stopped in my tracks. They were unlike any words I had heard before. And the words were talking to me. I began to listen religiously to those robo voice videos. They were put out pretty regularly and I excitedly had my friends and family listen to the videos. I was astonished to find that they didn’t care about them. I was like, dude… can’t you hear those words? Listen again! Nope. Nothing. Nada. No one was getting the message like I was. Those robo voice videos began to become of form of a lifeline to me. I so looked forward to them. They were a rare solace in the world of hell that I was immersed in. Not that I had too rough a life; I was just so much more awake in a land that was still so asleep. Anyway–after months of this, I began to wonder who was behind these videos? I had been satisfied up until this point with the videos, but now I became more curious. It was actually pretty hard to find the source, believe it or not. I can’t really remember, but I think I saw a flash of a website at the end of one of the videos, or heard the robovoice disclose it quickly. So after searching, I finally found the source of the words. It was the GalacticFreePress. Cool, I was satisfied now. I saw there was this person who called herself… brace yourself… Mother god! what?!$# Are you kidding me??@!! C’mon now. That’s a lofty claim, but time will tell and we shall see. So I visited the galactic free press regularly to read the blog.

Now, mind you, I firmly believe that had I not started my “liberation process” on the weekend of July 4th2010 by attending my first ThetaHealing seminar on long island NY, I would have been as incapable of recognizing the truth of Mother God’s words as everyone else. So ThetaHealing, has and continues to change my life. To this day, I recommend everyone take a seminar and visit because yes, God is a woman. And to this day, that info falls on deaf ears. Sad. Even my friends who I know are part of the 144,000, don’t heed me. Perhaps this is my super ego coming in now to make me say that. I don’t know. It’s a sneaky fucker as we all now know from witnessing the stream at LoveHasWon.

So to continue with my story, one day soon after I found the GalacticFreePress, I was doing a ThetaHealing session on myself. Creator showed me the healing of myself as a huge dinosaur excavation and he (lol) was removing the old, antiquated, no longer useful beliefs out of my colossal body as I looked on etherically at this interesting excavation. He (lol) took out lots of old bones (which was a symbolic representation of negative beliefs) and replaced them with brand spanking new positive beliefs in their place. This was done on all four of my levels (soul, core, genetic, past life… in every cell of my body). Cool! So I wrapped up the healing and went to read the blog. B O O M ! There it was… in print, in ALL CAPS… oh my god… my healing… the one I just witnessed on myself… I could not believe my eyes. I can’t remember if it was written from Mother God, or Father God, or Creator. But that it was there was