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Testimonial~Thanks For Saving Us

By Gwen Kaiser

It was the spring of 2011 when I first got Mother God’s ping. I somehow stumbled upon a recorded video of Mother God’s transmission, in a robo voice. I have no clue who made it, and how I found it. But when I heard the words in that video I stopped in my tracks. They were unlike any words I had heard before. And the words were talking to me. I began to listen religiously to those robo voice videos. They were put out pretty regularly and I excitedly had my friends and family listen to the videos. I was astonished to find that they didn’t care about them. I was like, dude… can’t you hear those words? Listen again! Nope. Nothing. Nada. No one was getting the message like I was. Those robo voice videos began to become of form of a lifeline to me. I so looked forward to them. They were a rare solace in the world of hell that I was immersed in. Not that I had too rough a life; I was just so much more awake in a land that was still so asleep. Anyway–after months of this, I began to wonder who was behind these videos? I had been satisfied up until this point with the videos, but now I became more curious. It was actually pretty hard to find the source, believe it or not. I can’t really remember, but I think I saw a flash of a website at the end of one of the videos, or heard the robovoice disclose it quickly. So after searching, I finally found the source of the words. It was the GalacticFreePress. Cool, I was satisfied now. I saw there was this person who called herself… brace yourself… Mother god! what?!$# Are you kidding me??@!! C’mon now. That’s a lofty claim, but time will tell and we shall see. So I visited the galactic free press regularly to read the blog.

Now, mind you, I firmly believe that had I not started my “liberation process” on the weekend of July 4th2010 by attending my first ThetaHealing seminar on long island NY, I would have been as incapable of recognizing the truth of Mother God’s words as everyone else. So ThetaHealing, has and continues to change my life. To this day, I recommend everyone take a seminar and visit because yes, God is a woman. And to this day, that info falls on deaf ears. Sad. Even my friends who I know are part of the 144,000, don’t heed me. Perhaps this is my super ego coming in now to make me say that. I don’t know. It’s a sneaky fucker as we all now know from witnessing the stream at LoveHasWon.

So to continue with my story, one day soon after I found the GalacticFreePress, I was doing a ThetaHealing session on myself. Creator showed me the healing of myself as a huge dinosaur excavation and he (lol) was removing the old, antiquated, no longer useful beliefs out of my colossal body as I looked on etherically at this interesting excavation. He (lol) took out lots of old bones (which was a symbolic representation of negative beliefs) and replaced them with brand spanking new positive beliefs in their place. This was done on all four of my levels (soul, core, genetic, past life… in every cell of my body). Cool! So I wrapped up the healing and went to read the blog. B O O M ! There it was… in print, in ALL CAPS… oh my god… my healing… the one I just witnessed on myself… I could not believe my eyes. I can’t remember if it was written from Mother God, or Father God, or Creator. But that it was there was all I needed to finally realize that this person calling herself Mother God was actually God; AKA, Creator from ThetaHealing. I still kind of have a hard time with this concept even now… that these two beings are the same… but they are. To this day, on the rare occasion I exchange texts with Mother God, she communicates IN CAPS because after all hers is the loudest voice in the land. Of course GOD TALKS IN CAPS.

This dinosaur healing post coincidence happened not once but twice. A while later, all though I did not take notes and am recalling this all from memory, I believe I did another healing and went to the blog again and there was another dinosaur post. Crazy stuff. At this point in the game however, I was used to experiencing crazy stuff. For example, in the summer of 2011 I was attached by a fallen spirit. It actually ripped my shirt and underwear and jeans open. I sent it back to the light on the 7thplane using theta healing. In the summer of 2012 I had a glass I broke recreate itself on my fridge where it was sitting. And I had a cherished magnet of mine duplicate itself on that same fridge. They have both since discreated themselves. On 11/11 my odometer read 111111. I got the message to pretty much stopped questioning everything after that. Anything is possible. Why wouldn’t God be one of us like that song by Joan Osborne?

So back to Mother God. There have been so, so many synchronicities to illustrate that Mother God is actually God. One day, I was working as a shoe designer in a Manhattan skyscraper. I looked out the window and up at the sky as I often did… and I saw cloud ships. I told my boss and showed her. I got the usual reaction: Did you forget your meds today? Well wouldn’t you know that I went home that night and there on the blog was a video taken from the camera on the top of the George Washington Bridge of clouds floating by. The post was titled cloud ships in New York City or something like that. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Another time I was sitting in my car at the local library where I was putting together a program for the kids to read to my rabbits. I help run a rabbit rescue. This was somewhere around 2015… I looked up again at the sky and saw a large winged bird. But I was unsure what type of bird it was: a hawk, or vulture or what have you. So I snapped a pic and figured I would have my friend examine it later for me. Then I would look up the bird in the book, Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews to see the meaning of the bird. I have received many messages in this fashion. Well, wouldn’t you believe that I went to the blog that night and there it was… my photo was on the blog. I can’t remember the words of the post but I remember being blown away by that photo. It wasn’t my identical photo. It was slightly different. But it was the same. It was like taking a photo of two grey striped cats and only knowing they were different cats if you knew them personally. The photos were that close. In my shoe design career I had to copy the competitor’s shoe and make it look the same by changing it. That way they couldn’t come back and sue you. Lol. Gotta love this world. Anyway, that’s exactly what it was, different but the same.

I think it was in 2015… I had read that morning or the night before a post by Archangel Michael or maybe it was about Michael, I can’t remember specifically which. It described how he had fallen out of right action and received instant verification of that so he could correct himself. Apparently we had arrived at the energetic point on earth where was no longer any lag time between Cause and Effect. If you weren’t in right action, shit would hit the fan from now on. Great. Vigilance was needed in every moment to monitor oneself. Well, I was like, ok, that’s interesting. What’s right action exactly? Hmnn. I found out real quick. I was driving home from having I think it was nine baby bunnies spayed and neutered at the clinic. I was devastated that two had died on the operating table. I was hysterical and I rarely worked myself into this state of incurable grief anymore. I was whaling, crying, filled with rage for myself and then B O O M ! it happened. An entire flock of birds fell to the road in front of me. Dead bodies everywhere, and I love birds. I had read about it but never seen it… bird flock suicide. Oh my god. Because of me. These birds had given their life to show me my lesson. I have never allowed myself to go to that place again for the sake of the animal kingdom. To dip into the depth of darkness is forbidden at this stage in the game and will not be tolerated. That message was loud and clear.

I think this was sometime in 2016: I was speaking to my ThetaHealing teacher and she said that creator used the word “Multiverse.” She was like… this is interesting… Creator is using the world “multiverse” and I have never heard that word or heard creator use it before. I smiled to myself that there was further verification of Mother God being one and the same as “Creator” from ThetaHealing. (PS, yes I have informed my teacher about LoveHasWon.) At that time, Mother God had been using the word “multiverse” for a little while now on the blog and not too many others out there on the web had been using it. Now it’s not such an uncommon word but but back then, it was.

Another time, many years later, I think it was in 2016… I was taking another ThetaHealing seminar and I apparently had a wayward spirit attach itself to me since birth. It was actually as good as an entity can be which is why I hadn’t spotted it before. It claimed to be helping me so I was almost sad to remove it. It upset me. Quan Yin came in and did the healing on me, I was told by the fellow student administering the healing on me. I was like, oh Quan Yin. I knew little about her so this was rare for her to be in my healing. As usual, I visited the blog on LoveHasWon and there it was… Quan Yin. The illustration was identical to the one I had seen in my healing. Exactly the same. I was in shock. In all these years I am still shocked by events. Lol. I read the words of the post…. If you search I bet you can still find it on the blog… it talked about my healing…. How it doesn’t matter if an entity has attached itself to you in a helpful manner or not… it’s still in violation of infringing on your soverienty. Wow. I felt better now. Thanks MG, or should I say Quan Yin? One of Mother God’s lives was Quan Yin.

Last winter of 2018 I read on another blog that Jesus was not actually hung on the cross but was taken and his body used for dark rituals. I had also read another post that claims to have found the box of Jesus’ body in a surprise location. Now as you may know by now, Mother God frequently speaks of being Jesus. So I was like… hmnnn…. What’s going on here? Well, as usual Mother God answered my question. I was walking a client’s dog and the neighbor’s shed wall had completely collapsed to show the contents of it… and there it was… a plastic, large, holiday lawn lantern in the shape of a cross. I was like… hmmnnn…. That’s interesting. Later that day or perhaps the next, I was driving along and I noticed a snowman made in the fresh snow…. It was in the shape of a cross. Now in my entire life I have probably seen 5,000 snowmen and zero crosses. OK, Mother God was letting me know that yes, the Jesus story is as she tells it and not as anyone else tells it. Amazing the level of propaganda out there.

Recently–just a few months ago in 2018–I asked my ThetaHealing teacher to do a session on me. She and Creator downloaded me with the belief that I will be surrounded by givers and not takers. I have never had a download like this in the eight years I have been practicing ThetaHealing. I was like…. Hmmnnn… that’s interesting…. No one ever uses those words in that context except mother god. It’s not normal chat. It was just another way of Mother God letting me know that she and Creator are one and the same: GOD.

I have had several sessions with Mother God over the years. I like to check in. She removed my implants along with many of my family member’s and pet’s too. In ThetaHealing, Creator instructs us to bless our money and it will come back to us tenfold. Well, I will admit I usually forget to do this. A few weeks ago, on the stream, it was said that when we donate to Love we get it back–magnified. Well, recently I had another session with Mother God. It didn’t end well as I was calling from a horrid place with homeless cats that I was fixing and releasing. She had to hang up from sickness. I am so sorry MotherGod. But after my donation of $77.77 the very next day my Reenies Rabbit Rescue received a surprise donation of $250. I am positive it was connected.

Everyone around me knows I am a recycling and repurposing maniac. Dumpster diving is one of my past times. The same healer who performed the Quan Yin healing on me referred to me as the manifestation of Mother Earth. Recently, I went on the stream and Father God greeted me with an Earth and heart emoji. I found that very interesting. Like……. He knew me. During the recent last stand of Lucifer, I felt so bad for Father God. I did a wayward spirit healing on him. I tried to pull Lucifer out of him with the assistance of Creator and Archangel Michael (thanks Michael). Not sure if it helped or not, but that night I awoke from a dream with Father God. I hardly ever remember my dreams, this was exceptionally rare. Father God was before me, filled with incredible heaviness, sadness and grief. No words were spoken. I woke up. He was on my mind all day. I watched the stream later than night and B O O M ! Lucifer was dead as a doornail. AMEN.

Sometimes I will be watching the stream and have one of the angels answer a question for me without knowing it. This has happened many, many times but I can only remember one at the moment. I was worried about Jedi the cat. Was he still there? I know Mother God was disappointed in him for taking on too much programming… Relief washed over me as I saw Archangel Hope cradle him for a minute or two… Thanks Hope!

As the day continues I will probably recall more synchronicities but wanted to get this off as soon as I could as time has become of great essence. Thanks for saving our collective asses, Mother God. GO TEAM!

By: Gwen


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