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Testimonials~13D Plasma Generator Pyramids

"This is wild and beautiful. I feel unity is reaching higher stronger more magical every moment. Its happening now! Love you Gabriel, tears of joy. Mom is grand and brilliant!"


"Gabby the pyramid feels alive, pulses energy... the plasma, you can feel the movement and shift... paradoxically moving within solid form... truly a conduit of multi dimensional ... a path way... a bridge between the now and the NOW."


"Conducted an interesting experiment yesterday with my pyramid, Sundrop. I have been experiencing a surge of motivation all week since it arrived on Monday so on Wednesday I decided to take it to work with me. I had probably my most productive day EVER with the company however, I am in the corporate building and I was so irritated, annoyed, aggravated, had feelings of unworthiness, petty, and self pity. Was so weird! Sundrop did NOT come with me today. Glad to have gotten all that up but 5D pyramids DO NOT enjoy 3D Cabal run corporate environments. Super tough day but grateful for the experience and awareness!" ~Nancy

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