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By: ~Romy Wyser

You shattered your peace to find something that felt real. You shattered your mind to hear the truth over the lies. You shattered your vision so growth could dawn a new light. You shattered your heart and emerged from the wreckage, It was here you discovered the pieces you'd abandoned, left strewn in gardens that have since grown wild. And in the roaring silence of this unfamiliar place,

gently you sat in the stillness, and tenderly you embraced them once more. Untangling the vines to find the roots of a story older than time. You wouldn’t have made it this far without the shattering. It’s where the light streams in to allow the expansion that changes you. You have an infinite capacity to rise.

To break and become more because of the beautiful light pieces you scatter in the dark so others can find their way.

Your sacred self wants to be connected to more than just your mind right now. Your path doesn’t exist just in the words you speak, but the way you allow yourself to fall deeply into the wisdom of the earth, the cycles of your body and the infinite expression of intelligence held in the cosmos that you’re ethereally bonded to.

This is the way. This is the work. You’re exceptional, the way you always find your way back to the inner well of strength that gifts you an infinity of reasons to keep going, to start over, to take the pause. This is the way. This is the work. You’re so awakened to the moments each day you’re about to abandon yourself, but now something's changed. You stop and find the courage in the slow exhale that lets you choose differently. A choice from a place of peace and higher love. Do you even know the enormity of what that choice just did for you? What that choice just did for all of us? It’s so charged with exquisite light you’d see heaven pouring out of you if your eyes could witness the miracle. This is the way.</