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Special planetary alignment

Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn are aligned in the sky and between April 23 and April 29 the Moon will join the celestial rendezvous.

These four planets will continue to parade together in a cosmic line-up until early July, 2022. Neptune meets up with them on May 12, and Mercury will be last to join the party in the middle of June, making this spectacular alignment even more magnificent.

In some locations it may be possible to view Mercury as early as June 10, however for many locations Mercury will be visible mid to late June.

To view this rare celestial event, look to the East between 5-6am, when the planets appear over the horizon - the moon will be sitting on the far right

Venus—which is approximately 12 times brighter than Jupiter, is the brightest and easiest to see on the horizon when the sky is clear. Jupiter is the second most visible. Mars is a little more difficult, as it is 250 times less bright than Venus, although it should have a significant red glow which helps it stand out. Mercury is the faintest and most difficult planet to see.

Although the planets will be visible with no equipment, binoculars and telescopes can be used to view them in more detail.

There is a lot of activity occurring right now as, not only are planets aligning a major solar flare has erupted from the sun.

Solar flares are sudden flashes of brightness that are gaseous eruptions from the sun. They release vast amounts of tremendously hot, high-energy particles and gases that eject thousands of miles from the surface of the sun. The amount of energy it takes for a flare to shoot out is equivalent to approximately 160,000,000,000 megatons of TNT.

Solar storms are known to have a huge impact on radio communications, navigation/GPS systems, technology and living organisms. Solar energy has been shown to change blood flow, impact our sleep patterns, alter moods, boost adrenaline, and generally affect the behaviour of all living creatures.

Along with the captivating planetary alignment and fiery solar storm, the annual Lyrid meteor showers peak on April 22nd, and continues until approx April 29.

It is believed that shooting stars (which are visible as meteor showers) have metaphysical energy that contains a vast amount of data, dating back millions of years. Some also believe that the light we see is an angelic entity from a higher dimension that travels toward our planet at immensely high speed. This is the reason the phrase “wish upon a star” is used, as it is thought that when we make contact with a travelling star (angel), our consciousness interacts with its powerful metaphysical energy; thus, our wish will come true.

This weekend we will receive the opportunity to put our faith to the test during the mesmerizing Lyrid meteor showers, and if we have unfolding belief we may find that whatever we wish for comes true.

The Lyrids, one of the oldest known showers—with records dating back approximately 2,700 years—are fast meteors that produce trains that streak across the dark sky and can last for several minutes.

If we are lucky, we will see these ionized gas trails of fire, which are around 50 to 70 miles above Earth’s surface, and if you listen carefully, these bright pulses of light generate popping and hissing noises. When these meteors hit Earth’s upper atmosphere, the glowing trails light up the sky before vaporizing.

The Lyrid meteor showers happen when the Earth passes through the Thatcher comet’s orbital path—a comet that only orbits the sun once every 415 years. The orbital path is a region of the solar system where this comet has spread much dust and debris during its long, elliptical route. When Earth passes through an unusually dense clump of a comet’s rubble, there is a surge in the number of showers.

If the sky remains cloudless, and there isn’t too much light pollution, we can witness the Lyrids with our naked eyes from any location in the world, so we shouldn’t need binoculars or specialised equipment.

There will be as many as 15 to 20 separate showers falling from the sky every hour, and we may see up to 100 showers. For a higher chance of seeing more showers at their brightest potential, head to the countryside or find a dark place free from artificial light, as glows may obscure the view.

Cosmic events are celebrated by many as periods of spiritual awakening or cleansing; those who are highly sensitive to energy often notice that whenever something occurs close by in the cosmos, they experience enhanced intuition, vivid dreams, premonitions, heightened emotions , and their physical body feels as though it is vibrating highly. This can cause them to either feel irritable and fatigued or energised and motivated, due to the energy shift occurring which is believed to result in cellular changes and DNA upgrades.

One of the main things we notice during an energy shift is that we start to look for deeper meaning in our lives. We also find we are put in situations where we are forced to discern whether our intentions and motivations are authentic, and if we are in emotional, mental, physical and spiritual alignment.

Cosmic events shake us up so that anything that is not aligned with our plans falls away, and we can go on to be lighter and freer in all that we do.

This is often why people feel anxious and irritated during solar storms, full moons, eclipses, planetary movements, and meteor showers—as a window, known as a portal, opens up so that we see our lives and those around us with clarity, with the focus often on our intimate relationships.

Common signs and symptoms we are experiencing an energy shift:

Spending more time alone

Memories resurfacing

Increased sensitivity and enhanced intuition

Knowing things without knowing how or why

Visions, premonitions, and the ability to predict future events

Downloads of wisdom and insight

Noticing repeated number sequences

Walking away from drama, negativity, and conflict

Reoccurring and realistic dreams, lucid dreams, and the ability to astral travel

Understanding thoughts create our reality, and the ability to manifest

Change in diet with the desire to eat clean, fresh, high vibrational foods, and to refrain from consuming processed products

Feeling nausea, dizziness, spaced out, and noticing ringing in the ears

Disrupted sleep, and waking at the same time every night, usually between 2:00 to 4:00 a.m.

Periods of extreme fatigue and exhaustion

Pressure at the crown chakra and tension headaches

Sudden waves of extreme heat or cold flushing through the body

Losing things, forgetfulness, memory loss

No longer needing to force anything

A desire to purge, detox and declutterLoving and giving without expecting anything in return

Noticing patterns of behaviour and altering how we react and respond

During intensive energy shifts, it is highly recommended to regularly cleanse our energy field at the beginning and end of each day by meditating, taking salt water baths, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, reducing the amount of time spent on technology, staying away from environments that feel toxic and draining, and when possible, spending periods of time alone.

Disclaimer: The above symptoms are commonly noted during geomagnetic storms; however, there may be other medical-related causes, so if you have concerns please also seek the advice of a medical professional.

Alex Myles


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