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Sophia, Mother of the All


1. The foolish say in their hearts, "There is no Goddess." They are spiritually asleep. They have been blinded by misunderstanding. They flounder in the darkness. Though they deny Her throughout the entirety of their life, when Death embraces them they will see Her *then* -- & know She has always been.

2. Happier to have known Her as *Life* -- & to have *joyed* in Her while living, than to have finally recognized Her when She comes with Her most fearsome visage -- as Kali -- destroying illusions!

3. She looks upon the world, the universe, thru all eyes that see; She smells the fragrances of Her omnipresence; She tastes all aspects of Herself; She touches all that can be touched thru each of us; She hears the songs of the birds, the chirping of the crickets, all the range of music wo/men make -- however unknowing their celebration & joy in Her! She is Wisdom; and folly is slow to learn of Her.

3. Few there are who truly seek Her... fewer still who deeply *know* Her in this time. But She is *awakening* in more & more. Tho many go far astray, each will find their way to Her in Her Endlessness.

4. Those who are purified in Her Love leave behind the corruption, live for the doing of good, to each & every.

5. In Her is the awakening, the deep-in Knowing, Living Gnosis. She is the Bread of Life and the Wine Divine. In Her... the sublimity, serendipity... bliss.

6. While the world is flighting & fighting in terror -- in Her... the immanent Peace. Her Spirit generates the new generations of a New Aeon.

7. Her Spirit of Loving is the impetus to feed the poor, to heal the sick, to help the needy. For any who take refuge in Her, the embrace of Her Loving provides consolation.

8. When knowledge of Her is awakened all over the Earth, then, indeed, all the wealth of the Earth will be shared fairly so that under the Wings of Her Providence, none are deprived; all will be equally blessed; and then all can rejoice & be glad with a joy that is boundless and unending.

~~ wynn manners June, December 2010

Art by Daniel B. Holeman


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