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Solar Winds And Energy Update

SOLAR WINDS ARE KICKING UP THIS MORNING, BRINGING IN PRESSURE AND ENERGIES AROUND GAIA Schumann Resonance is still just showing shadows, an echo of energies. The Magnetosphere at Nasa is running several hours behind, for no reason. While the Magnetosphere at NOAA uses the data from the same satellites. It showing some very dense, heavy energies encircling Gaia. Notice the direction those energies are coming in. We have a slight solar wind kicking up and possible Geomagnetic storms to happen today. Those winds come in via the sun and the bow shock would be feeling these. Yet this image is clearly showing the energy coming from the otherside of the planet, pushing out towards the bow shock. On the side of our planet where no energy lives, yet they continue to come. Thanks to your Galactic Families helping to raise the vibration for your ascension. Taking all these energies in and allowing you to rise up with them. At this time you are basically flowing in the energies on one of two ways. If you've been at this a while now, this week may feel wonderful to you, Euphoric even. If your vibration is equal to the energy coming in, then you should be basically hovering in the energies. Flourishing in the abilities as they come in. Still feeling Ascension Symptoms here or there but it's much easier then it was. If you're new to ascension or stepped away from you're inner work and now are back... You are being upgraded at an incredible rate. You are feeling EVERYTHING, good, bad and indifferent. Ascension symptoms may be very strong for you. The energies are bringing things in emotionally, physically, spiritually for you to see and experience. Some would call it a trigger, I call it a catalyst for change. YOUR CHANGE, TO WALK FULLY IN YOUR LIGHT. It's not easy because you may be feel emotional dis-ease and ascension symptoms all at once. But oh the amazing BEing you are becoming. Trust in you. Flow in these energies, no matter where you stand within them. This is the path YOU have chosen. Thank you for being here, taking this mission of love! Much love and light, -SA Smith


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