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She’s the Awakening Woman that has Stepped

into her Calling.

The Repression of the Feminine

has led to a Planet on the edge

of Collapse: The Re-emergence is going to be a Dance to behold..

💫 ✨ 💫

She Has Awakened out of the dream

and peeled away the Patriarchal blindfold

that kept her oblivious of her own magnificence..

She's become a threat to the status quo...

Those that are still asleep view her as a

dangerous woman because she's no longer

willing to conform to their bondage rules,

to do so would be to betray her own wild

instincts, her own sexual potency,her own

visionary intelligence,her own limitless

creativity and her own feminine knowing

that has no choice now but to obey the

heart promptings of the Goddess...

She's been instructed to blaze a trail

to the new world of light...

Her devotion to the Goddess is her courage

Her bow is her incisive intellect

Her arrow is her open Heart.

☼ ☆ ¸.•*¨❥*•

It took her awhile to muster up the courage,

but she did it,

She had no idea how strong she was...

She discovered that she was strong enough to risk

realizing her fears in order to take back her brush,

choose a fresh canvas and start afresh.

She’s now enjoying creating her own masterpiece

and re-claiming the magic that was there all along…

Only who and what did not serve her

has fallen away...

Invisible forces are bringing gifts

to her door...

She’s the Awakening Woman that has stepped into her Calling.

Creator and Author.✍️

Mike Harrigan.

I Am.

You Are.

We Are.


Global Consciousness..

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