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She Changes Everything She Touches.

What is the Power of a Woman who has opened to the Sacredness and Divine truth of herself? What happens when she has the courage to bring the inner light outwards? What transpires when she softens her hard edges, plants her bare feet on the soul of the earth, opens her sacred channels to the Ancient Ones and declares, "Yes, I am ready to be seen?" She changes everything she touches.

The pulse of Life that was given as she incarnated as feminine form, housing extraordinary creative and healing powers, begins to throb faster, deeper, with a rhythm in tune with the universal, eternal heartbeat. With each throb, each memory-stirring resonance, each vibration subtly speaking ancient words of remembering, She begins to come alive to Her Shakti Essence. This is a conscious, intelligent, prescient, truthful and profoundly transformative energy. She begins to change. She feels changes on the inside, calling her to a Old Dance that can be heard up in the hills, up in the mountains, out near the sea. The Dancing is in time to a sensuous and seductive rhythm, and there are voices, chanting, music, laughter.

It is the sound of women who are in love with themselves; in love with the Earth; in love with the oceans; in love with the sky. It is the sound of women changing, and supporting one another as they do so. It is the sound of women loving, with pure sacred force, and bringing their love to all places that are wounded, terrified, shaking, and lost.

The circles of women who are dancing realise that they change everything they touch. They realise that their powers are immense, omnipotent, unfathomable, essential. They have been reminded by the Great Goddess that if they do not rise up now, if they do not open themselves to this energy, this support, this love, this power - that the promulgation of the Divine Feminine light will greatly suffer.

It is time to remember that when She is in connection with Her deepest knowing, Her deepest wisdom, Her deepest intuitive responses, her deepest healing medicine, her deepest loving heart - She Changes Everything She Touches.

Her Light will affect every room she enters. It will alter the balance of energies within every person she encounters. It will spark off transformation and healing within each and every situation that she is brought into contact with.

She has a power that has been gained through lifetimes of learning and practicing with the Great Ones, lifetimes of pulling herself through ritual after ritual, rite after rite, initiation after initiation. She has worked from dawn until dusk, through the night, hour upon hour, breath upon breath, to hone and develop the Sacred Essence of Woman.