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Saint Germain Galactic Update

Saint Germain ❤️💰🌎❤️

My Dear Ones,

I am Saint Germain, and today it’s my turn to give information about the events on your planet. Since my last appearance through Universal Channel, a lot of progress has been made in the fight with the Elite, who has been controlling the narrative on your planet.

They are making a new plan in Switzerland to keep a grid on every step you make. The justice day is coming, the Evil souls are going to pay dearly for their crimes and lies. They are running out of ideas, on how to enslave and eliminate humanity.

The most newest trick is a monkey pox, it’s just another attempt to scare and control humans. Everything so far, they came out, it has been not working, the way they would like too. Two years ago, the sleeping part of population bought their propaganda, and still believe them. The Darkness is running out of the ideas and starting to make mistakes by using old videos in the scams and getting exposed daily. The truth is coming out, despite the desperation from the Elite.

Khazarian Mafia is losing their grounds in Ukraine, and the secret plans to use biological weapons on a peaceful population came out to the light. These are the most important times in the history of your planet. Please, don’t believe anything the imposters say. Focus on your survival as civilization and raising yourselves to a higher dimensional reality. The illusion, which lasted millions of years, is coming to the end.

What you see around, it’s holographic reality created by the corrupted souls. Humanity is in desperate need of physical and spiritual healing from 3D Matrix. Your government has a healing technology from outworlders, which is hidden from the public, used in the Secret Space Program. Some misinformation has been floating about medical beds. First at all, they are not available for humankind. The medical beds basically do surgical procedures without assistance of human doctor.

You are going to need the healing technology from your Galactic brothers and sisters. The wealth is coming, as soon the main players are removed from controlling your planet. Just reminder for everyone, the Quantum Financial has been set up years ago. I can’t allow that the funds to get to be stolen by Evil. It’s going to happen in Divine timing, and nobody can’t stop upcoming Divine process of the liberation of Mother Gaia. All of you receive funds that are going to make your life a burden free. It’s coming.

I want to warn the ones, who want to use the money to enrich themselves, not going to receive the funds. Please, stop focusing when, how long and etc. Stay in the Now and express daily gratitude for all the blessings in your life no matter, how small they are. Please, continue to raise your vibrations everyday by mediations and spread Love and Light to your stranger or neighbor. Thank you Universal Channel.

Please, receive the Blessings.

Love and Light attracts more Light and Love.

Saint Germain

Channeled by Erena Velazquez


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