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Saint Germain Galactic Update

Saint Germain ❤️💰🌎❤️

My Dear Ones,

I am Saint Germain, and today it’s my turn to give information about the events on your planet. Since my last appearance through Universal Channel, a lot of progress has been made in the fight with the Elite, who has been controlling the narrative on your planet.

They are making a new plan in Switzerland to keep a grid on every step you make. The justice day is coming, the Evil souls are going to pay dearly for their crimes and lies. They are running out of ideas, on how to enslave and eliminate humanity.

The most newest trick is a monkey pox, it’s just another attempt to scare and control humans. Everything so far, they came out, it has been not working, the way they would like too. Two years ago, the sleeping part of population bought their propaganda, and still believe them. The Darkness is running out of the ideas and starting to make mistakes by using old videos in the scams and getting exposed daily. The truth is coming out, despite the desperation from the Elite.