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Releasing Ourselves From the Prison of Our Own Minds!

By: Ramona Lappin

Self confidence in our inner knowing, wisdom, power, gifts and abilities are more important than ever now and all-ways! When we become the watcher, actor, extras, director, cameraman, script writer and director of our own life's, after having released and worked through our past. Having understood how all was created and all of this works here. Remembering that the only way to live in harmony and equality with one another, in Unity, is when everyone takes full responsibility and accountability for their own words, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions and makes everyone else accountable for theirs. Understanding the true power that our energy, our words, our beliefs, feelings and perceptions have on the world we co-create. Nothing remains unaffected by the Observer, hence it is a very powerful place from which we can create and uncreate that which we observe.

Being our own greatest authority above all else, having released limiting p