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Releasing Ourselves From the Prison of Our Own Minds!

By: Ramona Lappin

Self confidence in our inner knowing, wisdom, power, gifts and abilities are more important than ever now and all-ways! When we become the watcher, actor, extras, director, cameraman, script writer and director of our own life's, after having released and worked through our past. Having understood how all was created and all of this works here. Remembering that the only way to live in harmony and equality with one another, in Unity, is when everyone takes full responsibility and accountability for their own words, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions and makes everyone else accountable for theirs. Understanding the true power that our energy, our words, our beliefs, feelings and perceptions have on the world we co-create. Nothing remains unaffected by the Observer, hence it is a very powerful place from which we can create and uncreate that which we observe.

Being our own greatest authority above all else, having released limiting programming, thought forms and belief systems that held us back and disempowered us. No more playing small, instead we step into our full power as we merge and unify with our higher identities and God Source, our Multidimensional Self, our True Self, that remembers how to play this game and make it fun and turn this upside down world back around! It's our time now Beloveds!! TRULY BELIEVING WE CAN CREATE OUR REALITIES! It's not something that just happens to us!


The New Higher Dimensional Realities are here for us to activate and step into NOW. All comes back to what we believe and know from deep within is truly possible and not what someone else told us would be or not. We came to be the change makers, VISIONARIES, breaking through the illusions of the old Matrix from the inside out to reveal what lies beyond the veils of illusions...all is here, all is available now. The film strip to our realities held within our sacred DNA. Tuning into the new realities via our own Frequency resonance, merging and blending with our 'future' self and 'future' Earth! All ALL-READY ACCESSIBLE NOW as ALL ALL-READY EXIST NOW, AS ALL TIME RUNS IN TRUTH PARALLEL! All projected and created from the inside out!!

ALL INSIDE OF US, the whole of Creation!

Thoughts become things, repetitive thoughts become belief systems and these are what our realities are created from. All to be resolved, re-reversed, transformed, unveiled, broken out of and reprogrammed from within.

All in the end is but imagination, albeit a powerful one and yes it's all as real as we make it out to be. Now it's up to us to CONSCIOUSLY direct/ create that which we wish to co-create, all-ways in alignment with the field, with Divine Will, yet knowing how very worthy and deserving we are of all kinds of abundance. Abundance of Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity, Health and Freedom! ALL CREATED FROM WITHIN! All a part of us, no-thing separate, ALL ONE. Once we truly believe in ourselves and our abilities, NOTHING CAN STOP US!!

All we have to do now is to truly BELIEVE IN YOU/ US, in God Source, in the Divine Plan, let go of all remaining fear, doubts, disbelief and limiting programming trying to hold us back! This is the key to our Freedom, breaking through the programs of the old Matrix world, the illusions of fear. Remember, it's a hologram, keep seeing through the illusions, keep seeing it for what it is. All you see is based on porgrams, all is energy, frequency and vibration. Keep listening WITHIN for guidance, inspiration, ideas and visions of the future you came here to call forth and co-create. All ALL-READY ACCESSIBLE & TO BE ACTIVATED FROM WITHIN NOW, all in a parallel reality/ timeline that is just as real as this one where all your dreams are already true. What's the difference between dreams and reality anyway? Now we just have to convince our minds. Huge Quantum Leaps are possible now but it's up to us to jump. Keep following your Heart because it knows the way.

And remember, the sky isn't the limit, y/our belief system is!

When we free our mind, we free ourselves!

InJOY Co-creators!

Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona

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