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By: Ramona Lappin

We're receiving some extra powerful energies these past few days! We've had several C-class Solar Flares yesterday and today, and the Schuhmann Resonance levels have been spiking daily too. We've been going through some deep clearings, upgrades and integrations. Many are feeling very tired as our bodies, bones, blood, skin, DNA and whole Morphogenetic Field are receiving powerful Healing from Source, returning all to 'perfection', re-encrypting our Blueprints and Realities.

We've been tested these past few days especially. Whenever there is a BIG BREAKTHROUGH and huge jump in frequency, things can go a bit wrong, like when we bump into things or are clumsy. All part of the dimensional shift as we are threading higher dimensional frequency bands, activating, merging/ aligning with and anchoring them. When the geomagnetic field is amplified we may feel like we're on a ship and all gets a little woozy and wobbly. Earthing and salt baths are a God sent, especially when we feel nauseous, dizzy, achy or unbalanced! Earthing helps us to synchronize and balance our own energy field and geomagnetic field with that of the Earth as it continues to shift and change, allowing all to become less dense.

I've also noticed a LOT of interference and after some clearing today it was apparent that I wasn't just feeling Ascension symptoms but it was interference. My energy got back to normal and my mood improved after some powerful clearing. I recommend making the request to be connected to the 'open back flow return' with Source and for all negative energetic attachments, hooks and connections to be cut and cleared. To cut off any and all energy vampires (seen and unseen ;-)) and reclaiming y/our connection to Source on behalf of all life everywhere!! Do not underestimate the power of intention, especially when spoken from a pure Heart, in alignment with Divine Will! Our prayers and answers are answered if we believe and it is meant to be, all all-ways in Divine Frequency alignment. It's an important time to focus on healing and sealing our energy field! I also intended for the Collective field to be protected for the next 24 hrs, and we have an amazing team of light assisting us with this, to allow us to work without the heavy interference, as it is always happening as we have big Activations come in, on order to interfere and drag our Frequency down, to delay and throw us off course. Any moment now the frequency net and old Grid System is going to go offline and the new will fully replace and overwrite it, which simultaneously gets rid of the negative entities, beings and dissolves the lower realities a they don't exist in the higher timelines and the higher frequencies are making it impossible for them to be embodied here. The new Grid System is already functional and ready to go! Remember, it's all about frequency, not linear time and it looks like we're almost 'there'! All higher Heart-Minds on deck! Integration of our Polarities is key as this is what is the basis for the new Tri-wave Grid/ UnityGrid Architecture.

There has been a special focus on the balancing and clearing our of distorted masculine and feminine energies and programming, balancing and healing of Polarities with people getting to the core of the core of their wounds and traumas. I'm sensing the masculine soul as somewhat lost these past days as the dynamics are shifting in a huge way. As the clearing happens Polarities and conflicts become very loud and heightened. It's an important time for each of us to reclaim our power and have strong boundaries in place. This is mostly energetic. It doesn't matter so much what we say but the energy behind our words. We also don't have to get angry or defensive as when all is balanced within we deepen into greater levels of unconditional love and simultaneously don't take no more shit! SELF LOVE IS THE KEY!! Because when we love ourselves fully and unconditionally, we will not accept anything less from our partner and we are able to give the same in return. Its all about Frequency, really!!

Our Collective unconscious is becoming consciouss, all the old programming and belief systems that have been recreating the same stories and Realities over and over again are collapsing and dissolving. The programming that leads to self sabotage, pain and suffering is being replaced with that which is based in healthy interactions and commUNicatION with others, remembering ourselves as One with all life. The quality of the relationships we have always come back to the one we have with ourselves, all shifts and changes from here!

All is becoming clear now and it can get a little uncomfortable as The Revelations continue to unfold, within and without. Humour and humility serve us well in this process as well as understanding that truly non of this is personal and all is ultimately serving us! We shift from "why is this happening to me" to "what can I learn from this"? WE STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM NOW AS THAT IS WHAT STOPS THE GAME, when we stop playing!! It's energetic law! When we stop the dynamic of unhealthy relationships the relationship will either change or the person drop away, as IT'S ALL ABOUT FREQUENCY RESONANCE, just like magnets. It has all already happened, it's quantum, now we watch the unfolding. It will become very apparent now which beliefs and thought forms are based in distortions. Tip; you know by the way they make you feel. Does the belief or thoughts in question make you feel constricted or open and flowing?

We are asked to let go of anything that doesn't serve us anymore; behaviours, beliefs, thought forms, things and people, NOW. Many will feel it's easier now than ever to do this as our attachments dissolve. It really comes down to us letting go of any negative ego that is preventing us from merging with Source. Our attachment to anything, anyone, any outcome, the future, anything at all. Because attachment is what creates the suffering and it's only the negative ego that's attached. It's important to remember that the mission at hand is way bigger than our little egos here. So we're to let go of all attachments to anything connected to 3D also, including the distorted programming and beliefs. We can't move on to the new if we can't let go of the old. However, do FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT, not that which you don't. Our brain doesn't understand the difference. Same with past and future. If we keep running old painful memories, experiences and traumas on repeat it's like it's happening now. They require resolution and then LETTING GO, if we keep attached to them for whatever reason we keep living in the past and stuck in old artificial Timelines. When we're done were done (ask your higher self and/ or seek assistance) and the last step is pure observation so these lower realities can fully collapse!

Remember the last stage of Manifestation is the LETTING GO! We surrender it all to God now. Surrender doesn't mean giving up or doing nothing. It means we let go of our attachment to outcome, of trying to control, push or force anything to happen. We remember that it was what it was, it is what it is and it will be what it will be. What we want, wants us and what's meant to be will be. We will know what we need to know when we need to know it. We can aim the arrow but we can't control the wind. We trust and surrender to Divine Will whilst we merge with it and become a vessel for Source to act through us. Our actions are no longer led by negative ego but by inspired Divine Inspiration. That's the new way of being, trying to control anything will just lead to frustration and disappointment in these super high frequncies stabalizing now. Attachments will be shown and we will be tested to help us let go. And when we let go, we finally get to have what we want. The fun, ha all is bass on paradox which the split brain finds hard to wrap their whole brain around lol, couldn't help myself It's our attachment to it that is an energetic mismatch. When we need something we are in the frequency of not having it. We repel it. Especially when we try too hard!

This solar eclipse is promising to be a great turning point as many can feel already, BECAUSE WE'RE SHIFTING AND CHANGING at a very deep and profound level. The old distorted ways of being just won't stick anymore. Those that have been doing their work and resolving it all from within, being fully honest with themselves and have dived deep into self-enquire and -reflection as part of that, shall see a HUGE SHIFT IN FORTUNE for the positive!! The message today was that ABUNDANCE IS HERE NOW, ITS WHO WE ARE and becomes available with this turning point, yet we need to be in alignment with it's Frequency! Whilst others may be experiencing a dissolution of realities of what they thought to be real and true.

Exiting frequencies Beloveds! Remember it's all all-ready happening, has already happened and we are simultaneously making it happen with every word, thought, belief, feeling and action we take! ITS QUANTUM!! Shifting the Collective Consciousness to a higher frequency which raises us in Dimensional Frequency. All from the inside out, how amazing is that! Surrender it all to God and CONSIDER IT DONE! SO IT IS! BELIEVE IN YOU & YOUR GOD GIVEN POWER! Nothing is impossible when we BELIEVE!! No-one and no-thing is more powerful than we are when we reclaim this through our connection and inherent Oneness with God Source! We stay in awe and wonder as all unfolds through and before us, attached to no-thing and connected to everything! Just the how and when is not up to us, that's the surprise part. How boring it would be if we knew it all


Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona


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