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Pole Reversal In Progress: The Return of the Goddess

By: Archeia Aurora

Over the past week there has been a shift in the air that is both palpable + unsettling, yet it cannot be seen, touched, or logically understood. For those who are sensitive + tuned into the subtle shifts and changes you are undoubtedly feeling this. We don't know what's coming or how it's going to play out, but we collectively FEEL it and we know it.

Over the past week there have been many confirmations of this shift via the strange happenings occurring with the Poles of the Earth. Many who track the shifting Poles have confirmed strange behavior + appearance of the Poles making a large shift backwards.

The shifting of the Poles has long been confirmed as part of the fulfillment of prophecies that, upon reaching the tipping point or quantum shift, the poles would in fact revert to their ORIGINAL location. Cobra spoke about this in 2022, and also mentioned that this reversal lines up with many linear, cosmic, + galactic cycles reaching an apex point where the Universe would reach a point of contraction after billions of years in expansion.

Read Cobra's Full Article Here

This point of contraction is what are experiencing as the merging of Heaven + Earth, the return to the Garden of Eden. This contraction can best be described as a Cosmic Reunion, as the final layers of darkness are eradicated and all of Creation once again reunites into the next cycle of Creation. This also lines up with our embodiment process of physically anchoring in the Higher Self, the merging of matter and spirit.

Additionally, many MSM articles are now putting out nuggets of truth stating that the core of the Earth seemed to come to a halt, or pause, and is now spinning backwards. In truth, the core is returning to its natural spin, the organic alignment with Source. The Dark has manipulated and interfered with our organic alignment with the Goddess, the Divine Mother, the feminine/masculine balanced harmonics. They put us into a false grid, an artificial dome of linear/masculine polarity that disconnected us from our true nature.

Cobra has now confirmed that the original Lumerian/Atlantean grids and vortexes, those of the Goddess, are now being reactivated.

"As the Light Forces are trying to bring as much Light as possible to the surface of the planet in their project of Return of Spirit, the old Atlantean Light grid is being reactivated.

One very important aspect of that process is reactivation of old Atlantean Goddess vortexes, connected to the old Atlantean equator."

The transition is no longer an "if" but a "when"...and then when is now. What we are witnessing and experiencing here on Earth at this moment is nothing short of prophetic, sacred, and profound. As we are being re-aligned to the true North, Source, we are all feeling the out of sorts. Our entire electromagnetic fields are being realigned which can can cause us to feel off kilter. Staying present within the body and focusing on your breathe, self-love, and attunement to Spirit will keep you anchored. My feeling is this reversal will begin disintegrating AI and lower forms of technology that will no longer be able to function through the shifting of the Quantum Field. We will once again, become our own Free Energy.

As we are now undergoing the accelerated Crystalline Process, our vessels are undergoing rapid + intense changes. Our vessels are shifting from carbon based (linear) into crystalline based (quantum). This requires a complete detox of all density in our bodies including lower thought pollution, dense emotions, wounding, toxins + poisons. This also requires a reset of our nervous system, which is directly tied into Uranus’ transit through Taurus. Uranus rules electricity, the nervous system, + quantum leaps. Taurus rules over Mother Earth and our physical vessels. We are grounding in these higher frequency energies in order to prepare ourselves for a quantum leap.

The Dark has fought to interfere with this organic process as much as possible, by interfering with our transition with lower frequencies, AI technology, manipulation of consciousness, + poisoning our food, air. + water. They have taken drastic measures to ensure that our vessels cannot self-heal, regulate, + begin their crystalline process.

The Divine Mother has been doing Etheric Surgery Sessions on Humanity since 2014, helping to remove all lower implants + chips that have been subconsciously manipulating our subtle bodies and creating interference in our fields. The Etheric Surgeries are performed by your Higher Self, Angelic Healing team, The Divine Mother + her galactic surgeons.

The etheric surgeries provide an etheric body detox, allowing our energy bodies to have a cleanse, purification, + removal of dense material from our auric fields. These surgeries assist our vessels through the transition process + allow us a greater ability to anchor in our Higher Self essence into the body.

For those who wish to participate in the Etheric Surgery process, we will be hosting a group Surgery Seminar on the 2/2 portal, February 2nd, 2022. We will continue these Seminars throughout the coming months for all those who wish to participate.

To Sign Up please visit our Events Page

Thank you all for your service to love. We are now ready for takeoff.

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