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Pluto Enters Aquarius: Activating the New Humanitarian Archetype

By: Archeia Aurora

We are now within the profound window of the World Wide Sovereignty Portal which activated yesterday, under the Spring Equinox + New Moon in Aries at 0 Degrees. As I have shared previously, all planets + corresponding zodiac signs are undergoing an evolutionary process and upgrading their archetypes to Higher Embodiments for Humanity to now integrate and embody. Aries is moving from the warrior to the sovereign being. Today, we are under the cosmic Heaven’s Cross which has been coined by a fellow astrologer. Today holds a sacred planetary configuration that is merging Heaven + Earth, and allowing us all to reach our Highest States of Embodiment. Today feels very much like we are reaching the cosmic tipping point here on Earth, where the Light is now outweighing the Dark.

Today we have quite the planetary party going on … The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron + Jupiter are stoking the flames of the God Spark in Aries. Collectively clearing out all old co-dependent blueprints, and anchoring in the Sovereign/God with God blueprint. The old way of force, power over, co-dependency + victim/savior complexes are being wiped from our DNA and instead, activating our Co-Creator codes. Venus + the North Node continue to anchor in these new codings while transiting Taurus, and starting the new financial system which is based on the feminine principles of embodiment, presence, receptivity, love + equal energy exchange. I also find it interesting that the asteroid Juno, who rules over contracts, partnerships + soul mate connections is transiting alongside Venus (the divine feminine) through Taurus as well. These 3 have been conjunct for the last week, setting up the grids for divine unions, soul tribes + soul families to gather and create new contracts that are based on the Sovereignty blueprint. Uranus is also transiting through Taurus in the later degrees, upgrading our nervous systems + laying the Organic Grid of the Earth.

Mars is wrapping up his 8 month tour of Gemini and is currently sitting at 28 degrees, squaring Neptune at 25 Degrees Pisces. Illusionary thought loops and outdated modes of communication are being dismantled as he finishes his mission here in Gemini. This is coinciding with the BIG BANG of this week which is Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius tomorrow, March 23rd, 2023 at 5:34 PM EST. To understand how massive this shift is, let’s go back to The Great Conjunction of 2020 to see what we are in store for.

On December 21st, 2020, the two great heavy hitters of our Galaxy made an exact conjunction at 0 Degrees Aquarius. Saturn + Jupiter, who represent the Earthly Father + Mother aspects, only conjunct one another about every 20 years. The fact that they conjuncted directly on the Winter Solstice of 2020, tells us we began a new epoch. Even more interesting, is that they have been conjuncting only in Earth signs for the last 200 years. Every 200 years, these two will conjunct in a new element which brings about an entirely new Age. Because they met at the potent degree of 0 degrees Aquarius, we officially began a new 200 year cycle known as the Age of Air.

According to historians of astrology, Earth periods like the one we are about to exit focus on materialism, hierarchies, resource acquisition, territory control, and empire stabilization (see the late Roman empire, high middle ages, and industrial capitalism). Astrologers believe that Air periods, by contrast, favor the renovation of hierarchies, decentralization, shifting orders, rapid translation, mass mobility, trade networks, and rampant spirituality. Relevant historical examples that astrologers cite include the rise and fall of Alexander the Great’s empire leading to the network of city-states in the Greek-speaking Hellenistic world (Air period 383-185 BCE), the fall of the Roman empire (Air period 412-610 CE), the division of the Mongol empire after Ghengis Khan’s death, and the plague’s destabilizing effect on feudalism in Europe (Air period 1206-1405). Thematically, Air periods tend to foster information ages that focus on the intellectual, the immaterial, and the ideological – though not necessarily in a peaceful manner.

And now we enter the Age of Air. To get a sense of what we might be in for, it’s important to look back to the last cycle in the 13th and 14th centuries. During this period, there were a number of innovations regarding communication and information.

  • The Mongol empire spread across Asia and Europe, reestablishing the Silk Road and reconnecting the two continents through trade and exchange of ideas.

  • Manuscript Culture was born in Europe as people became more invested in preserving and disseminating knowledge.

  • In Italy, they even created a system in which people could rent small sections of manuscripts to copy, essentially creating the first mass-market books.

  • Eyeglasses were invented.

  • And in a very literal manifestation, use of windmills exploded in Europe and Asia.”

Looking at some of these historical events during the last Age of Air, we can anticipate a large shift out of materialism + financial wealth/corporations, and instead moving into the spread of information, knowledge, and distributed power. Coupled with the fact that here in the US, we are experiencing our first Pluto Return, we are also revisiting the themes from the 1700’s including the founding of the United States, the US Constitution, the American Revolution + the French Revolution. We are entering the OFFICIAL beginning of the Age of Aquarius which began anchoring in 2012. Now, all of this is more than enough reason to see that we are living through the most epic and profound evolutionary shift in our history, but NOW, we also have Pluto hitting this same 0 degrees of Aquarius tomorrow. The foundation that was laid by both Saturn + Jupiter in 2020 is now reignited by Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius.

I would like to end with my feelings on the new archetype of Aquarius, since we know all archetypes are going through a revolution. The old archetype of Aquarius was that of the “black sheep” or the outlier. This old archetype made Aquarius very unique + different, thus they often rebelled against what was “normal” and chose the path less traveled. They often spent a lot of time alone, rejected or ostracized from society, which did allow them space to receive great insight, downloads + innovative ideas for the future. Many inventors and great visionaries of our past times held a lot of Aquarian archetypes in their chart. However, due to their black sheep blueprint, they struggled to find where they fit in with others. They tended to have many acquaintances but never felt deep human connection, love, vulnerability or intimacy. This is why many still view this archetype as cold, aloof or distant.

The new archetype of Aquarius is the Humanitarian….the TRUE humanitarian. The old, fake humanitarian/philanthropist was that of vanity or “appearing” to care for others but keeping a safe distance from actual empathy or human connection. Think of the elites who boast of how much they have given to charity, or those that feel they are “philanthropic” because they give away crumbs to those “in need”. This archetype is crumbling as the new humanitarian is the one with the boots on the ground. The one who has actually experienced the struggles, hardships + pain of Humanity. They have taken on these experiences and hold empathy, compassion and universal love for all of Humanity. This new archetype is the true rebel + path paver who has actually walked the path of enlightenment + chose to exit the Matrix System.

The “water bearer” is the one who has the wisdom from the experience, and is now here to share their wisdom with others in order to help them along their journey. The true humanitarian has been hiding in the shadows, as many of you may relate to. We have silently and behind the scenes been serving Humanity, taking on horrendous experiences that we have transformed with forgiveness, love, + inner strength. We have been rejected, ostracized, mocked, harassed + persecuted for the path we walked but we walked it anyway. We said fuck the system and followed our hearts. We love Humanity with all of our hearts and we are NOT here to save them, but to teach them. To hold the light for them at the end of the tunnel as they make their way on their journey home to Source, and we all reunite as one. We now come together as a Soul Family and Collective Community, no longer perpetuating the old programs of separation or hierarchy.

Cheers to the true Humanitarian Archetype, and cheers to all the path pavers who have helped anchor in this archetype. You will be rewarded. Most of all, thank you to the Divine Mother for walking this path first and paving the way through all obstacles with unconditional love, patience, + support for your children.

What a time to be alive.


**If you have the Aquarian archetype in your chart, and especially if you have a North Node in Aquarius and you would like clarity on your divine destiny, working with the planetary forces, preparing for the changes to your path, + embodying your sovereignty, book a session with me:


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