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Pleiadians - We'll Welcome You with a Party

Dear brothers and sisters of Earth! I AM KALIGHAL! I'm bringing you one more report, and I can tell you, I haven't had such a wonderful report for a long time. All of the dark underground bases have already been completely taken over. There is no longer any kind of risk for you. The destruction of these bases, yes, has to be done very carefully, with a lot of planning. For they created a net of mass destruction, where if just one dot were detonated, a back-and-forth reaction would take place. So everything has to be done very carefully and very precisely, but there is no longer any danger in them detonating everything they created. This is over. The moment is now on the surface. The time now is one of arrests and bringing out the truth for all of you. But this mission is not ours, this mission belongs to those who lead this process. Let's say that we will be eagerly awaiting the revelation of our existence, the revelation of why we have been here on your planet for some time now. This yes, it will be a reason of great joy for us. We can effectively display our ships, it will be a moment, as Sananda would say, of pure ego, but we don't have that feeling. The moment of our exhibition would be just to confirm for those who already believe in us, the truth, our existence. Show you our beautiful ships, show you what you can build in the near future; and being able to walk through the Universe, exactly as we do, with great joy and with great ownership in what we do. I cannot tell you that there is no such thing as travel through the universe strictly for pleasure. For the pleasure of discovering new worlds, for the pleasure of making friends, yes of course they do exist. We do not know intimately all the peoples of the Universe, we know some, diplomatically, that is, they are part of the Galactic Federation, but we never visit them, as you usually call them, as tourists, who only land on the planet to see what is beautiful about each one of them. Then I would say to you that the beauty of each planet, each orb, is something very different from the patterns you know. You are used to this dimension, where everything is very palpable, everything is very physical, but the nature that you know on this planet, really few have such splendor. This planet throughout the Universe is known for its beauty, for everything that was put together by Father/Mother God to be a beautiful blue planet. I'm not saying that our own planets, our home, isn't beautiful; it is very beautiful, however, we learned to admire the beauties that this planet shows us and we can admit that they are immense. There is no point on this planet, except if we can comment on deserts, where there is no beauty; but even deserts are worthy of appreciation. Because they form very interesting shapes, mountains and layers, and that remind us a lot of planets we know. So each planet, each one that exists in the Universe, has its own beauties and you will learn with time to admire them. You, as members of the Galactic Federation, will be allowed to visit other planets, meet other civilizations. But all within a very well-planned planning and order. Nobody arrives on a planet simply because they are travelling. This all has to have a plan, it has to have permission so that there are no surprises. Each planet monitors its airspace, let's say, very carefully. Because those who have been here for a long time are always trying to break in somewhere. This is their standard of living. So the defenses of each planet are always very well placed. We can say that wars do not actually exist in the Universe, but we know of their existence, of the successive attempts, of them penetrating other planets to make their military ba