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Pleiadians - Announcements

July 17, 2021 via Inger Norén

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that these revelations are now going out to the people and it has already been shown in the American media and will be sent out to all countries in the world. The people must know what they have endured for a very long time and it refers to very many and difficult betrayals in various respects. All countries are affected by these revelations and this is just the beginning, many more will follow. We have finally got the go-ahead because all the hiding places, bases and laboratories have been revealed and taken down by the Galactic Federation and by the Alliance. This means that now is a difficult time waiting for people to try to understand this experiment that people also agreed to for their development in love and compassion for themselves and others.

With this announcement, we have decided to provide information about the difficult conditions in life that people have had in some countries on Earth and it is the intention that everyone should now see the unfair distribution of funds, that is, the unfair equality between the rich and poorer countries in the world. It will be shocking and many people may have a hard time understanding how this has been going on for so long, but the dark ones have had an ability to manipulate or threaten people to commit these terrible crimes against humanity. These beings who have committed these horrible crimes will be punished and expelled from this planet forever. The people who have participated in these crimes will also be sentenced to severe punishment. All this and more will be revealed to the people who need to know what has happened in their countries about how they have been treated.

This means that there will be unrest against authorities and the rulers and that cannot be avoided because it is the rulers who have gained people's trust in their choice of leaders. These leaders will be held accountable to the people and they will not be able to remain in their positions for that long. There will be a lot of hatred against the rulers of countries, but hatred makes no difference but now it is up to the people to realize that this was something that would happen after these revelations. The people must understand that all this evil has not only been due to the rulers of the lands but also to a small group of beings outside of Earth who have ruled the whole world with their evil agenda.

This may be difficult to understand, but it is now important to try to understand that this is something that people agreed to in this experiment, but perhaps not as terribly severe abuse of children and even animals as it became. These dark beings have no empathy for life at all. They have no hesitation about killing millions of people to get this planet for themselves and they have done so several times in the world wars that have taken place. People value life instead and this makes it feel extra difficult with these revelations.

It is now a matter of trying to forgive and understand that this belongs to the past and it is the present and the future that counts, especially on the new Earth or that one continues in the lower vibration to develop further into a higher vibration. The light workers will have many people who want an explanation of what has really happened and the people who are awake will be able to give an explanation that the Earth has shifted to a higher dimension where as many people as possible can follow if they themselves want. We love you so much and have so much respect for the people's will to keep their planet and we can say that the light has won. The dark ones are no longer welcome on this planet.

The High Council of the Pleiades

via Inger Norén


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