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Planet Alert January 2022

By: Mahala's Astrology


Welcome to 2022, which is a number six year with three twos in it. There is much difference between 2021 and 2022. Five was the number of 2021 which brought change, chaos, and much activity, which I think fit the year 2021 very well. We were also in the year of the Ox which has similar energy as the sign Capricorn which rules governments, rulers, and money. The moto for the Ox year is “no work-no pay”.

On February 1, 2022 we enter into the year of the Water Tiger. The Water Tiger is much softer than the other tigers and it is associated with the sign of Aquarius. Saturn is in Aquarius so this will bring up things from the past that needs to be changed. This will be the year to let go of the old and bring in the new energy. This will also be a very explosive year and it usually begins with a bang and ends with a whimper. It will be a large bold year and nothing will be done on a small, timid scale. Everything both good and bad will be carried to extremes.

The sign of Aquarius also rules computers and high technically so we will see an explosion of events in that area. Because Saturn rules governments and it is in a square aspect to Uranus there may be changes to governments and these changes may be unexpected and fast.

Uranus is in Taurus and that sign rules money so there may be new changes to our money system. This may be the time when our financial system goes digital and we may start using crypto currencies more. This could bring in the computer currencies and the Mark of the Beast, where you cannot buy or sell unless you have the Mark of the Beast. This could also refer to the vaccination. We have been closed in for two years now because of the Covid illness and it seems like it may soon be time for freedom because of the Saturn-Uranus square for the better part of this year.

One Hopi prophecy says “when you see the Blue Star in the Heavens (comet Leonard?)” and people take off their masks” then we are at the time of the end. We are close. We are also experiencing the time in the Bible where it says that “two will be in the field and one will be taken, and one will be left.” It sounds to me like we are going through that process right now and have been for the last two years.