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By Ramona Lappin

Overcoming low self confidence and self doubt

With the near M-class solar flare and powerful CME from Friday came a low level radiation storm that has assisted us in the the acceleration of the ionization process that allows us to change from carbon to crystalline at atomic quantum level! It's Interesting to observe that every time there's a bigger solar flare lately, I'm being guided at that time to lie down and do planetary energy and grid work, often only afterwards finding out that there was a flare although by now I can tell as I drew the correlation. I can feel the pressure on top of my head building and getting sleepy. Geomagnetic storms and solar flares are offering us supportive energies for Manifestation!

With this influx of photonic, solar & inter-dimensional plasma liquid light waves we are receiving very powerful re-encryptions to our Blueprints! These last few days have offered us a huge recalibration! Everyone may experience this differently or at different times. I seem to have a strong connection to Solaris where I feel flares as they built up and take place where others may not or rather feel more as the energy physically reaches earth. I have been guided to work with these energies at atomic and universal quantum level, unifying all within my vessel as EVERYTHING, the whole Cosmos is truly inside of us! The increase in number of electrons is changing us at atomic level through the ionization process. I'll leave a link in the comments to more info on this if one is interested as we can all work with this consciously to accelerate our own Ascension process! This doesn't have to be very complicated, it's all about simplicity!

With this influx of radioactive Cosmic particles changing the very fabric of our realities at faster than light speed (God speed :-)) I noticed deep levels of feeling floored energetically, no energy or motivation to do much, a lot of rest was needed to let the profound recalibration happen. Self doubt, low self confidence, depression and feeling fed up with it all crept in, which I just let flow through me without trying to change or judge it, going deeper within to the core of it all for me to unravel and clear the deep seated programming behind it. A lot of pressure, pain and aches around the head (third eye, crown, teeth), neck and shoulders as well as sacral and solar plexus. The Heart and high Heart are receiving huge clearings, upgrades and openings along with the third eye/ crown and back of mouth as part of the Oversoul/ Monadic and Christ Avatar Activations, as a higher Heart-Mind connection and whole brain are underway. As we merge with God Source back into the One Mind, Heart, Body and Soul! We're powerfully stepping into a balancing and harmonization of our inner masculine and feminine energies, leading us to come to a state of homeostasis as well as Divine Union and Ascension! Many of us are getting ready to spread these plasma wings and fly!!!

I also noticed a lot of interference again especially yesterday, Monday, which we have had a LOT of lately. I highly recommend making sure we clear our energy field daily and throughout and keep it sovereign! When it's this intense I end up spending hours doing energy work but that's also because it's part of my assignment here to do this work at planetary and inter-dimensional level. So most experience these things but to differing degrees, at different times and different levels of awareness. Interference works mainly by amplifying any remaining negative ego, programming, trauma and misalignments we may still hold. Like poking a wound, it amplifies everything. Feelings and thoughts of feeling worthless, powerless and/ or even suicidal/ hopeless is not our naturee distorted programs! Know them for what they are and do not feed but embrace and love them/ you until they have been transcended and alchemised. These past days in particular there's been a big focus around