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Organic Ascension Timeline Repair

By: Ramona Lappin

The Energies continue to build and ramp up as we get closer to the Solstice and 12:21/22 Portal date. Since the M-class flare at 00:30am UTC on Fri, 17th Dec, we continue to experience almost constant C-class solar flares ever since the 12:12, with 9 C-class and a couple of B-class flares, so that were 12 for today. We also have had considerable Schumann Resonance spikes all day.

Many Timeline corrections, edits, adjustments and resets are currently taking place behind the scenes as the old artificial Matrix, it's false memories, Timelines and holographic inserts continue to dissolve at quantum speed. Yet most of it is happening in our dream time and when resting, in the unconscious. With some of the more deeply held memories finally arising now. From my experience, we start to re-member more of what really happened and who we really are, when we have cultivated enough compassion, understanding and humility, and are ready for higher perspectives to be shown to us.

Today's Activations brought a deeper Healing of the Lemurian holocaust Timelines in particular as we are now 'returning' to the One True Organic Ascension Timeline to where Lemuria and Atlantis never fell and got invaded, even before the c to the v happened. Imagine that 😉

This healing of the Lemurian holocaust trauma is also connected with much of the Timeline repairs now underway and happening very quickly as all Timelines merge into ONE Reality experience. So what is coming up with this is the Healing of any remaining trauma imprints and memories of forced breeding programs, healing of negative alien hybrid genetic codes, patriarchal and misogynistic programming, especially connected to patriarchal Melchizedek Priesthood, distorted masculine energy and programming, control, narcissistic tendencies, psychopathy, gaslighting ect.